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Adventures in Johto: Pokemon for the Nostalgic

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The world of Pokemon is vast and new adventures happen every day!

 You are a young Pokemon trainer, gifted with your starter Pokemon, it’s time for you to set out on your own adventure to discover the wild world before you. Are you a trainer? A breeder? A coordinator? A collector? Only time will tell, but it appears that there is something a lot darker unfolding in Johto…




Hello and welcome to the Johto region, where you are about to begin your Pokemon journey. You are a resident in New Bark Town or Cherrygrove City and must report to Professor Elm to receive your Pokedex and your trainer registration. If needed, you also receive your starter Pokemon.

If it is a part of your character’s plot, other Pokemon are allowed to be used as starters, however they must be fairly common, no legendaries, and nothing too powerful. Starters can be “baby” or previous evolutions of Pokemon that only came about in later generations, however, this RP is Gen 1 and 2 centric.



All standard DC rules apply.

No starter Pokemon can be too overpowered or rare.

All characters must be approved by me.

All evolutions are possible without trading and other game-specific mechanics

(Generally, the RP is pretty open and not too strict, just a fun time for people nostalgic for the older generations ;) )



Character Form:






Starter Pokemon:

Chosen field (trainer/breeder/coordinator, etc.): (optional)

Chosen Pokemon type (fire/water/grass, etc.): (optional)


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Approved Characters:


Name: Max Mendez

Appearance: http://i64.tinypic.com/149pg94.jpg[/IMG]

Usually wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt with longish, dark brown hair and denim rolled-up shorts

Personality: An artistic young man, he is a young romantic who loves the sea. Soft spoken and devil-may-care usually, he has a sharp edge at times.

Background: He comes from a long line of water Pokemon breeders, living on Cherrygrove City’s shoreline.

Starter Pokemon: Horsea

Chosen field (trainer/breeder/coordinator, etc.): Breeder/trainer

Chosen Pokemon type (fire/water/grass, etc.): Generally water, flexible, however

Other: Horsea was one of the Pokemon bred by his family

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