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Um, hi...?

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Sooo, um... I'm new here. I found out about this from Flight Rising actually, someone mentioned it in the forums there and I decided it might be worth a try.


As it turns out, somehow I got five eggs and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. (It took me almost three hours to figure out that I need like a separate account or whatever to post here. I don't know, I'm lost.) Anyway um, can someone help..?


While I'm here. I love dragons. I draw dragons along with a lot of other animals, but I'm terrible at humans so don't ask me to draw those. I also love coming up with stories and theories for things, which, I'm not sure if people do that here? But feel free to start a conversation about random stuff.


Also a quick random question--I use this app called Amino a lot, does anyone else here use it? Also is there an official Amino for Dragon Cave, and if not then would it be okay if I possibly try to create one?


I'm going to go try to figure out how to hatch all these eggs now.

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Hello and welcome :)


Eggs can't hatch until their timer goes below 4 days. To get enough views for them, you can add them to fansites. Don't add them too soon - they can get sick.


Edit: I actually don't know what Amino is so I can't really answer that ^^;;

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