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Cross-Scroll breeding = Possible? Balanced?

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I want to preface this with the fact that I brought it up in the Discord, and people said, there would be problems with it, such as the higher ups getting too many requests. I don't know the gravity of this, but I would think that there is a possible way to cross-breed from one scroll to another, while balancing out those who didn't want a ton of requests, and still making it a neat feature of the site.

One such idea I had was having an account option that allowed you to only receive breed requests from friends, which I guess would mean making a friend system to begin with.
I also did note that there'd be an issue of "who gets the egg?" and the cool-down for breeding. I would imagine a way to tackle this issue would be for the breed-Requester (as in the one who offers their dragon to breed first, and the other party is just the accepter) to get the egg, and possibly no cooldown for the accepter. If you and your friend both wanted a second egg of that species, and you only had one each, and differing sexes of the same dragon species, then you could both request once and get an egg. Though, that may not be the best way to go about it. I'm just tossing around possibilities.

In any case, I would really love it if I could breed with my friends' dragons of the same species, and I want to know what you guys think.

What possible ways, would it/could it ever work, where there's a good balance?
What are the problems scroll-to-scroll breeding would bring up, and would there be/how would you solve the issues that have arisen?
And lastly, is there any hope that this could possibly ever be implemented in a way that wouldn't have major issues?

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This would be an interesting idea, but I'm pretty sure TJ has said there will never be any sort of direct user-to-user communication in the cave so this really isn't possible. It would be super nice! But also... I think some of the challenge and fun is in finding dragons to breed, and having someone else do half the work seems too easy. Plus, multi-scroll breeding would bring up a lot of very easy opportunities for abuse.

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This is not really a topic for actual breeding projects, it's rather a suggestion. And in the Suggestions forum, you find these:

I don't know why this is marked "answered" since it didn't really get one.


These are just the 3 newest threads to that effect. I think you're out of luck there.

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