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Dragon order on BSA pages

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I was about to post this in Suggestions, but on reflection, it's really more of a bug, so:


When I'm on the screen to choose which eggs or hatchlings to put into a transfer or trade, the growing critters on my scroll are not in scroll order.


This bit me for the first time today because I'd forgotten I had recently picked up a CB ridgewing. A user asked me to breed a ridgewing, which I did. I left it sorted near the top of my scroll, went to teleport, picked the first ridgewing... aaaand yep, the transfer link I gave the user was to the CB ridgewing. Silly. The error's been rectified, of course, but this has cost me time before ("which of these was the male-influenced one again?", when my scroll order would tell me immediately, since I have a sorting rule for those).


Could the 'offering on a trade' and 'creating a trade/transfer' pages be fixed to use scroll sorting?


(Also: I could swear this was mentioned in a Suggestion topic once, but I didn't find it.)


This should also be fixed for influencing, stunning, biting, incubating, precognition, ward, expunge, and probably every other BSA I might have forgotten existed / to check that shows eggs and hatchlings from your scroll.


Thanks for reading! ❤️


Edit: And then just as I'm giving up on searching, I find it. Go figure:


From TJ09 in that thread:

On 4/26/2018 at 3:41 AM, TJ09 said:

Anywhere that dragons show up that's in an unclear order is probably more of a bug than an intentional choice, so feel free to report any and all of them.


...so I guess Help is the right place, whoo. XD

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