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Selachii Tsunami Lineage

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🦈 Introduction 🦈


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The Selachii Tsunami Lineage is a Purebred Even-Gen lineage using Tsunami Wyverns. I have always loved Tsunami Wyverns, as I'm a bit of a wyvern addict and I love their blue colors! This lineage has a shark theme, and the surname "Selachii" is a shortened form of the shark family's scientific name - Selachiimorpha. Sharks are super cool animals with a wide variety of tools that help them survive, from sensing electric currents to being covered in tooth-like scales. They also serve a very important role in the environment, and are some of the most resilient animals out there, having lived through all of Earth's mass extinction events! Even though they've been highly successful throughout history, many species are now experiencing rapid declines due to overfishing and habitat loss. The spots on Tsunami Wyverns' wings reminds me of the speckled pattern of whale sharks, which are the biggest shark, and are also listed as an endangered species. Blusang Lindwurms also have a lovely spotted pattern, so we may breed those in the future as a side project!


We hope to make waves with this lineage! For every generation of this lineage, I and any other donors I can find will donate $1 to Shark Advocates International, a group dedicated to educating the public and fighting for stricter legal protection for sharks across the globe!


🦈 How It Works 🦈


I will be the owner of the core line! Once other members reach whatever my current generation is, they can send the egg to me and I can breed it into the main line. For example, if the lineage is at 5 generations, and someone produces a 5th gen egg, they will send it to me so I can breed a 6th gen! Eggs will have to be reported and confirmed in the thread, and then the teleport link will be PMed to me.


If you don't want to help with the project but still like PB Tsunami even gens, then you're in luck! We will have a list of breeders who are willing to breed and gift eggs to non-members.


🦈 Rules 🦈


  1. ALL dragons involved in the lineage must have the surname "Selachii" This means that if you find a nice PB Tsunami even gen in the AP, or have 2nd gen PB Tsunamis that you didn't breed, the dragon can't be used for the project. Every dragon in the lineage must be a Selachii. So if you already have an even gen or PB 2nd gens, you will have to rename the parents.You can name your dragons anything you like as long as the word Selachii is at the end!
  2. Each egg laid must be reported in the thread! Eggs must be reported, confirmed, and PMed to me in order to be bred into the main line!
  3. No killing, biting, freezing, abandoning, or earthquake Selachii eggs/hatchlings needed for the lineage. Once one egg has been bred and kept from each pair, you are free to abandon or trade eggs. I just want to avoid people setting back progress by abandoning/tradings eggs that could be used to further the lineage. Killing/biting/freezing/earthquaking is never allowed.
  4. No inbreeding.
  5. Feel free to collaborate with breeding in the thread! Discuss who should breed with who, etc.


🦈 Forms 🦈


I would like to join!


Scroll Name:

Do you want to breed on request for non-members?:


I want an egg!

Preferred Generation:

Do you agree to not kill, abandon, bite, abandon, freeze, earthquake, or regift this egg?:


I would like to report an egg!


Lineage Link:


I would like to report and confirm an egg to be bred into the core line!


Lineage Link:

Have you PMed the teleport link?:


I would like to make a donation!


Receipt (blur out personal information):

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🦈 Project Information 🦈


Current Generation: 3

Amount Owed: $3

Current Number of Members: 2

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I would like to join!


Scroll Name: n/a

Do you want to breed on request for non-members?: Sure!

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