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Hello Dragon (and Chicken) Friends!

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I have vivid memories of looking over the Dragon Cave AB page at some point circa 2011, but, otherwise that, I'm brand new to all of this. I've been doing my best to learn, and plan out, all of what I want to do here, and have an interest in Purebred, Shimmer, and otherwise nice looking lineages. I also love anything with bird-like features, and own birds of my own irl.  DC Chickens are the best, even if I wish they had various color varieties, (blue, buff, chocolate). I also do pixel art, and have for the past several years, and may be willing to trade art if anyone else is willin'.


I was prompted to make an account here due to a lucky Silver Shimmerfail Celestial with a still lovely ascending step/stair lineage, here's hoping it's a lady so I can just flip it into a descending. 


Otherwise, happy to be hunting the same grounds with all of you!

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Welcome! I also had five-ish years gap between first visit and actual play. If you want to share art, you may make your own thread at Original Works subforum.


Hope you enjoy!

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