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ANSWERED:Forum: Smiley adjustment (minor)

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Honestly I don't care about whether one face sticker is better than another, but I absolutely would prefer there to either be an option for it, or not get converted at all if said option is unavailable. If said user really wants to stick an emoji in their posts they're free to do so by hand with the extensive emoji menu on both mobile and desktop forum. If someone uses the old style smileys they'll show up in the top section so it's not even overly inconvenient, as opposed to having to work around common symbol combinations. (Also the emojis are annoyingly difficult to delete on my phone once they've been converted so I can't even undo them half the time.)

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I remember a forum I used to visit where, whenever you create a post, there's a checkbox for enabling emojis. If you check it, your emoticons will appear as emojis, if you uncheck it, they'll appear the way they're written. That way, everyone gets to choose if they want emojis or not, which I'd say is the best solution for making everyone happy.

Of course I don't know if that's even possible with this forum software, and it doesn't resolve the issue of emojis looking different from platform to platform, but it's just a thought ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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9 hours ago, RealWilliamShakespeare said:

but having ) : become 😞 by default is kinda inexcusable when people are just trying to format posts. If there’s a way to turn it off I, and I’m sure many others, would be so so thankful.


That is separate from the idea of emojis, though the thread has recently tunneled on the value of emojis in general and lost track from the initial concept. Since, I've stated, it's only really a choice between text turning into emoji or the old emoticon images (the disable option has been removed from the post interface), I'm going to close this thread.


9 hours ago, Cinspawn said:

I don't know how to solve the different-emoji-across-platforms thing (nor do I know if it HAS to be solved... I mean, literally every emoji OR emoticon can be interpreted in a different way, so I try to not assume someone means malice with their choice (or lack) of emoticons/emoji)

Apps either accept that emoji are limited to their description (e.g. "smiling face emoji" only guarantees that it is a face that is smiling) or replace all emoji with a standard variant (I think Discord, Facebook, etc do this). I've presented that option in this thread, but I don't think it affects the end goal here.

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