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I've looked and looked and there doesn't seem to be a place where we can just ask normal questions about the site. Not just ones about possible problems with something, but questions like, how do I tag people? Who made the Razorcrest Wyvern and who is its spriter? How do I start a breeding project? I don't see anything like that, just the Help section, which is more directed at possible bugs or when someone doesn't know how to do something.

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It seems you are asking for a thread like Tiny Little Questions:


Random, little things that don't need full threads get asked there all the time. There is also links to the FAQ in the OP


As for artists, you can find who sprites what if you look at the copyright section at the bottom of the Dragon's view page.


There is also a list of artists here


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Also there are mentors who will answer anything for you by PM. 


Just ask for one.

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