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1x1 Sky and Marcus Pheonix (FairyTail)

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Marcus and I were in a FairyTail rp with nomadicdesert but they haven’t been on in awhile so we thought it would be better to just move our characters to a 1x1 thread where we can continue a mission we started in the other thread. I’m on my phone currently and the link to it is looking a bit weird so I’ll post it when I’m on a computer a bit later.


Their mission is to rescue their guild master from a rival guild called Silver Pegasus where Trish’s, my character, brother is a member. She was contacted by him and asked for specifically but the bartender and another member of the guild, Sol, told her to take Bartolomeo, played by Marcus, with her to rescue him. There was a ransom involved but they were tasked with being covert and get him out of there and back to the guild so that they didn’t have to pay it. Currently, our characters are on their way to Cooperstown where the Silver Pegasus guild is located.




- follow all DC rules

- only Marcus and I can post in here

- we’ll keep everything PG-13

- have fun! :D






Description of character: She looks older than she actually is and acts more like an adult than other 18 year olds. She has hazel-brown colored eyes and brown blonde hair with short shorts and white halter top. She doesn’t always wear a bandana but is always wearing boots and a hat.


Basic Info


Name:: Tricia

Nickname/Alias:: Tris or Trish

Gender:: female

Age and date of birth:: 18, October 15 X765 (not sure what exactly to put as the date she was born to make her 18)


Guild:: Sphinx’s Paw


Rank:: medium (somewhere between beginner and pro/S class)


Personal Information


Personality:: sweet, a bit shy around people she doesn’t know until she gets to know them a bit better, can be stubborn at times, and at other times mysterious (can be kind one minute but then mean the next).


History:: From the western continent and was born with the Magic she has but it didn’t fully develop until she was 10. Since she’s been 15, she’s been looking for a guild that she could join and she found it in a town a mile or so from where she lived. She’s now with the guild and really enjoys being around the people in it.




Magic Name:: Guns Magic

Description:: Guns Magic

Known Spells::


•Requip - allows her to arm her guns (rifle, pistol, revolver, shot gun, etc.)

•Sleep Shot/Blast - a shot/blast that puts the opponents/targets to sleep but only for up to 15 minutes max

•Boomerang Shot/Blast - a shot/blast that, like its name suggests, hits the targets like a boomerang to knock them out

•Light Blast - a blast that blinds the targets for a long enough time for her guild mates to attack them with their own magic spells




she’s currently experimenting with more spells she can do but the ones listed above are the only ones she can do for now. she’s also not currently in a team but is looking to join one. her mark is on her right arm below her shoulder.


Claire is Barty.jpg

Standing at 6'1 Bartolomeo has deep crimson hair and golden eyes. He likes to dress nice and mostly wears dress shirts, vests and when the time calls a large high collared black coat. He’s been known to change his shirts from steely greys and blacks to fluorescent pinks and flower patterned depending on his mood. His guild emblem is on the back of his hand.

Basic Info
Name: Bartolomeo Jewel
Nickname/Alias: Barty, or Barty the Barkeep
Gender: Male
Age and date of birth: 19, 22 of April
Guild: Sphinx’s Paw
Rank: A, with his new magic he's aiming for S

Personal Information 
Personality: Bright and easy to talk to, Bartys a popular face around the guild and likes to think of himself as everyones mate. He’s outwardly confident and backs it up with his belief in the strength of his magic, determined to succeed in the guilds S-class trials. He loves a good spat and despite his wealthy origins isn't concerned with getting his hands dirty.

History: Bartolomeo was born to a very wealthy family on the outskirts of the capital city and for the first 7 years of his life he lived in luxury and loved it. A few months before his 8th birthday his father lost their wealth. It turned out he had been a gambling addict on a losing streak.
The family lost nearly all their possessions to the thugs Barty’s father played with and tried to start up a farm with only the help of some of their former servants who’d always been paid fairly and treated with kindness. Barty was determined to help out his struggling family and frequently ventured back to the capital city to steal books on magic, he had always idolised the wizards of Fiore. His butler was an old retired member of a guild and assisted, in secret, Barty with his learning of Maker magic.
At 12 years old and with a strong drive and confidence in his new magic abilities Bartolomeo ventured out to his old butlers guild, to earn money for his family by becoming the best wizard in the kingdom.

Magic Name: Earth/Lava Make
Description: Creates and molds rock to his whims, he’s recently started upping the heat.
Known Spells: 

Earth Rain: Fires a shower of rocks

Earth Flail: Creates a flail weapon to attack with, has started imbuing it with lava

Lava Wave: Sends a surge of molten lava forward

And much more

Other: Works as the guilds bartender when not on missions and regularly sends money home.

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((sorry work got busy and then holiday craziness before going back to work))


“I think it’s a bit bigger than Stratham (if that’s where Sphinx’s Paw guild is but I can edit it later when I can find the town’s name again in one of the earlier posts if that’s not correct),” Trish said in reply to the question Barty had asked before she had gotten their tickets and was now sitting next to him on the train. She nodded in both reply and understanding when she heard what he said about them being able to use long range attacks before looking out the window as he looked at the map.


She looked at the sky for a bit to see if she could imagine shapes in the clouds before hearing what all Barty said by way of an idea of how they could get to Cooperstown undetected. “That’s a good point and perhaps we can use a magic-mobile and take turns instead of walking because that could make us get there an extra day or so. What if my brother predicts that we might do that and as back-up have guild members all around the guild to keep an eye out for us?” she said and asked in reply.


They would have to come up with a back-up plan in case they end up not being as covert as they think they might be while traveling via either magic-mobile or by walking.


((edited. "noodles" needed to be "nodded" *facepalm*))

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Barty shrugged.

"If you think your brother might predict that we'll just have to play as if he had," Barty suggested.

"Take a magic mobile the majority of the way and then get off and walk the rest, that way we can keep an eye out for any ambushes or something," Barty continued, ripping open a packet of peanuts and dully crunching on them.


He tapped his chin and glanced outside watching the scenery pass by.

Being so far out in the country as they were the sky and rolling hills were two of the biggest reasons to stay. Barty surmised that the only scenery that could match it would be the rolling waves of the ocean or an aurora in the mountains.

He took out another handfull of peanuts and slowly chewed them one by one letting himself relax before the threat of their mission drew too close.


Unfortunately it arrived sooner than later...


A loud explosion bellowed out from the front of the train, shaking the cabin. Barty sat upright, alert. Concerned chatter was quickly starting to rise from the other passengers.

Bartly shot Trish a puzzled look, "Do you think the engine overheated?" He asked, though the back of his mind told him it wasn't that simple, the train hadn't slowed down at all.


((Okie dokie... yup i'm doing a train heist (your character looks like a cow-girl) i'll leave the colourful cast of robbers up to you, but if you don't want to do a heist just have our two open a window and escape))

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((a heist is fine. *looks up to the post I pasted from the other rp above yours and facepalms* I didn't notice that instead of "nodded", that word turned into "noodles" instead until just now. stupid phone auto correct...))


"Okay that sounds like a good plan plus it'll help regain the energy spent on the magic mobile to make it work," Trish said in reply to both of Barty's statements before making a few of her guns appear from the space she kept them to start cleaning them while he munched on some peanuts. She took a small break from cleaning one of them to also look out the window and she thought the scenery was very pretty.


She had just gone back to cleaning the gun she had been cleaning when the loud explosion occurred. She held onto the table somewhat to brace herself until the shaking subsided and then when it did, she heard what he asked her. "I don't think so. Someone definitely caused that explosion on purpose," she said in reply before she heard the group she suspected had caused the explosion come into one of the passenger cars ahead of them before feeling the train start moving again.


She quickly opened the window closest to them in hopes of getting out without bringing attention to themselves but one of the members, the leader, of the gang that forced their way way onto the train saw her try to get out and quickly went towards her while the other members started to tell the other passengers to give them their valuables. "Oh no you don't. You just stay right there miss," he said but then when she turned around after closing the window he recognized her and said this time with a small grin, "Well well well. If it isn't Tris. Long time no see, cowgirl."


"What do you want Blake?" she asked him with a glare after recognizing him as well.

"Oh you know. The usual heist of stealing things from train passengers and the like," Blake said in reply still with the smirkish grin on his face.

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Barty watched with eyes narrowed as the robbers made their way onto the carriage.

They brandish knives swords and guns, Barty assumed that they weren't wizards. As the surrounding few began to harass the nearest occupants the one in the front glanced towards Barty and Trish and strode over, revealing himself to be an old accomplice of Trish's.

Barty shot her a curious look, his eyebrow raised. His curious look then returned to a relaxed grin as he leaned back in his chair raising his hands to the back of his head.


"Well at least you kept the train moving, that way we won't be late," Barty said, glancing briefly at his watch.

The man, Blake, turned his attention towards Barty and his grin widened.

"Oh yeah of course, if the train stops the lawmen will notice, people could run. It's a much smoother operation to keep the train going," He mockingly replied as he lowered the gun that had been resting on his shoulder down to his side.
"So dandy-man, how about following along and emptying your pockets," He said, his amiable tone not masking the nature of his threat.


Barty raised his hands above his head.
"Ahh but that's the thing, i've got no money. Spent it all on the train tickets. Just ask Trish, I'm as poor as they come, my skill in sowing is the only reason this 5 year old shirt looks as good as it does," Barty mused, patting his collar. Barty then raised up his hand, holding out the small bag of peanuts he'd been clutching.
"I can offer you a peanut if you want, you allergic?" He asked.

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Trish looked over at Barty when she noticed his curious look and said, “I once ran with their group for awhile before I joined Sphinx’s Paw. I quit since I wanted to do something better with my magical skills and that’s about the time I joined our guild.”


She then listened to the rest of their conversation, nodding in both reply and agreement to what Barty said regarding him not having any money. “It’s true and I don’t have anything of value either so go bother some other people and leave us alone,” she said before being smacked on the side of the head with the gun Blake carried.


She glared at him for doing that and he said, “That was for being mouthy and for quitting the group without warning/notice. I’ll go ‘bother some other people’ as you put it but I’ll be back to bother you some more afterward,” he said before walking away to some other passengers around them.


((wanted her to get a bit hurt while in the conversation cuz can’t have her not be hurt for long. it adds drama. I might have her get more hurt later))

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(( Oh dang, i'm up to continue this if you all are. When i saw everyone else bailed on the old one i forgot about DCforums lol. Lmk if yall are up for me to join.))

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