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Beacons of Hope 2.0 (OPEN)

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Three years, so much has changed…  


It’s brought destruction, damage, hell…


But where do I fit in?


What is my purpose?


Yes hi hello, welcome to an original universe roleplay! And if you were here for Beacons 1.0, welcome back!!!


Here is the premise:


The year is 2050. At this point in time, many different species of humanoid creatures have been found all over the world- including dryads, elves, and different forms of human/animal hybrids, mainly bipeds. These creatures started evolving in pockets throughout the world, but by now they’ve spread to every corner of every continent. With the evolution of science and medicine, cyborgs were not uncommon. Yet with this evolving world, there was still a common belief that there were gods of many elements- such elements that would protect the planet and save it when the time came.


That time surely did come.


Three years ago, an entire town was overtaken by an unknown entity, one that soon took over the planet with iron force. All hell broke loose, and many were killed brutally by the Entity and its many gangs of grublins and golems and wyverns. Others were killed further when they tried to rebel the entity’s rule. The rest now fight to survive, no longer able to gather up any courage to fight. All hope has been lost.


At the same time, reports of people going missing ran high. They were all young teenagers, and most of them were never found. Since the arrival of the Entity, these numbers had hit their peaks. However, this surprise anomaly had stopped within three months of the Entity’s appearance.


Three years later, a glimmer of hope arose. It turned out that many of the missing teenagers were found in crystal coverings, surrounded within a magical fluid. These crystals were found underground in the midst of the chaos and confusion, and with exposure to air, the crystals shattered. It was discovered that these teens had special… Abilities. Depending on the color of the crystals they were found in, these humans had the ability to wield any of the eight forms of magic below:


  • Fire- One who wields this ability can control fire. This means that they are able to start small fires through the palms of their hands and can deflect fire attacks. Further, they can control a fire that has already been started and utilize it to attack their opponents. No, they cannot breathe fire. Best with wind.
  • Electricity- Similarly, those with electricity are able to send out currents of electricity towards their opponents and- if strong enough- can channel smaller bolts of lightning through themselves and towards their opponents. No, they cannot channel entire lightning storms or summon a giant bolt of lightning.
  • Ice- Those who wield ice can drop the temperature of the air around them and withstand temperatures up to -3 degrees Celsius (25 degrees Fahrenheit). They are able to freeze their opponents with contact, and if given enough liquid, are able to freeze up some projectiles. This works best with the wind element.
  • Earth- Those with the earth ability are able to solidify mud into rock and hurl projectiles of rock at opponents. They are also able to create a temporary armor of mud or sand, which makes a great defense.
  • Poison- Those who wield poison can create their own venom and are immune to venom attacks. Very useful for assassination, if they’re okay with spitting in drinks. No, they cannot turn anything into poison.
  • Fear- Those who wield fear can emit high-pitched sound waves that can strike fear in those who hear. Please be cautious around these Beacons, because their waves do not discriminate. Always use earplugs.
  • Wind- Those with the wind element can create small tornadoes and moderate wind storms. They are also able to use bursts of air to throw projectiles or carry fire forward. No, they cannot create hurricanes.
  • Shadow- Those who wield shadow are able to hide themselves in even the smallest of shadows. They can strike whenever they get the opportunity, and often use a strike of shadows, which will surround the enemy and disorient them for five minutes. Oftentimes the opponent will attack their own allies within this time. Proceed with caution.


All of these elements are unruly in their own rights, and they must be trained to be tamed. This is why, as soon as they were discovered, the Crystal Beacons were sent to a remote location, one of which seems uninhabitable due to the damage of scorched earth and thick ashy air. But this is only on the surface. In this location lie many caves that are connected by a network of tunnels. Beneath these caves lies a city much like the ones that prospered many millennia before the deity entered this world. It’s a wonderful city, with towers of stone and terracotta, temples everywhere, and the remnants of the gods who were once worshipped- and these are the gods whom blessed our heroes with their powers.


This is the secure base of the Beacons of Hope. Within the temples of the gods they train, within the security of the caves they thrive. The crystals lining the caves are a luxury and a great form of defense indeed- this is the material in which the Beacons keep hidden. Within this base as well are Guardians- humans with special psychic abilities who uphold the spiritual ideas of the elemental gods. They do their best to make sure that the Beacons are safe and training to the best of their abilities.


However, things are changing. As the world grows ever more bleak, the enemy draws nearer and nearer. This will cause some problems. After all, the initial aim was for the Beacons to be hidden until they were ready to fight back with full force. Alas, this cannot be the case. Thus, the beacons will fight back any of the Entity’s subordinates if they near the base, though only for the sake of training.


Now the problem? None of the Beacons truly know what they are supposed to do- after all, these Beacons are all estimated to be between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, and it is difficult to fathom that one day they may have to kill any humans who surrendered to and became minions of the Entity. Animalistic and unnatural beings were easy to fight and defeat, but fellow humans would prove to be psychologically impossible to attack. After all, before they were found in crystals, they interacted with fellow humans. They had families, friends, memories, lives. So instead, they train on the daily, in constant search of their purpose. While they mingle, they know not of each other’s powers, for they train in seclusion. But with each day they grow stronger…


...Until one day the base is swarmed. The Guardians of the city were able to fend off the troops, but at a cost. Many of the Guardians were killed during the fight, whilst the rest passed on due to the injuries sustained…


With the exception of one. One of the younger Guardians at the age of thirty, Aurelius was able to escape the Beacons. They fled into another labyrinth of caverns from underneath the city to flee. But where did they go? Where else was there to go?


...Up. There was one final area that the Entity had not managed to touch. The oldest temple of the planet rested on a series of floating islands, and only reachable by those who possessed the power of Wind. With their help, the Beacons made it to safety… and to where they now stay. Without the multitude of Guardians watching their every move, the Beacons were finally free to train together, since they were not allowed to work together before. Aurelius had gathered them and told them of the legends that surrounded the gods, and that they were here to fight back and restore the planet to a state of peace. Here they are, under the direction of their head guardian, waiting for the day they can finally come out of hiding…


Please use the Discord wisely. I don’t want to have to kick anybody because they can’t get along. Cool? Cool. Now for the rules of the RP.


~General Rules~


  1. The Discord server is the official OOC. Discord link: https://discord.gg/XbfHf7m
  2. All Dragon Cave Forums rules apply.
  3. No god-modding in either the Discord or the RP.
  4. Don't powerplay or use your characters as if they're OP when they are not. Big battles are supposed to be a team effort.
  5. Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/etc.
  6. Try to avoid explicit scenes, and fade to black when they come. Keep gore ambiguous as well! This is a PG13 forum.
  7. All cursing past “hell” or “damn” should be censored, and please don't curse too much unless your character is a sailor-mouth.
  8. BE POLITE TO OTHER ROLEPLAYERS AT ALL TIMES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. People bashing each other will result in getting kicked from the RP.
  9. Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. If I'm absent for too long, just send me a message in Discord or ping me in the server.
  10. If you have any ideas for the RP, feel free to share in the Discord!
  11. The rules are subject to change at my discretion. Be sure to check back often.
  12. Have fun~!


~On Characters~


  1. There is no limit to the number of characters you may have, but all of them MUST be Beacons. Please ask me if there is another role you wish to take.
  2. The age range for Beacons is 13-19 years old.
  3. This is an original universe, therefore I would like the Beacons to be original characters! Canon characters will not be approved. If the original character is based off a canon character, that's fine, but I decide when it’s too similar to its inspiration.
  4. You must fill out a character sheet! The template is down below.
  5. Please make the elements of the characters diverse! I would prefer that we have many different Beacons who wielded different elements than a big group with all of the same element. It wouldn't be fun if everyone wielded Electricity, after all.
  6. One element per Beacon, PLEASE!
  7. No Mary Sues. Try to leave room to develop your characters as you go along.
  8. Characters should be human, but humanoid is fine.
  9. On humanoid creatures- They can be anything I mentioned above- nymphs, dryads, fairies, elves, human/animal hybrids, and cyborgs. Check with me if there’s a humanoid creature you want to use but are unsure about!




  1. Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This isn't a romance RP.
  2. No incest, unless it's joking. Crack shipping moments are allowed, as long as they aren't too raunchy.
  3. Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool, but otherwise no.
  4. Relationships may be based on the sexuality of the character.
  5. Don't argue about the pairings that people create. If the owners of both characters agree on it, it's not our problem. That being said, please make sure that any relationships that occur come naturally, alright? Thanks.


Character Sheet





Ethnicity [if human]:






History before the crystal:


Keep these notes in mind:


-This world is modern like our own, or at least it was until almost everything was destroyed.

-There are elements of an ancient world and an ancient religion that still exist to this day. The islands are floating above what would have been present-day Kazakhstan.The city from which the Beacons fled was in modern-day Turkey.

-The year is around 2050.

-The Beacons were crystallized at random, and should have had some sort of flash of what their element is.

-Beacons were frozen for about 3 years, since they were frozen by the time the Entity appeared.

-This RP is based on a couple of things- including the Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Feel free to do some research before or after signing up!


Grublins are strange creatures who look like mutated, overgrown house flies- see this image for reference: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/spyro/images/1/11/Grublin_Fly1.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110714034006 Grublins typically carry some form of melee weapon and are weak by themselves. However, be careful when you have a swarm of them.


Golems are very rare, but they are huge. See this image: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/spyro/images/d/dc/Golem.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100510191109 They are about the size of large buildings, and often live in the underground. Golems have long tails that can be used as weapons, but be mindful of their fists too!


Wyverns are a type of dragon-like Grublin, shown here: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/spyro/images/e/e8/Wyvern.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100602183808 They are able to breathe waves of wind and shadow that can be very painful if they make contact with you.


We also have Orcs- http://smuggledpixel.free.fr/spyro/Jasp_Spyro_OrcBowman02.jpg These buggers have crossbows, and are a pain to fight from a distance.


And lastly, there are Trolls- large enemies who are able to either hit you hard or create shockwaves by jumping. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/spyro/images/1/16/Troll_%28LoS%29.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120814053614 Here they are.


With that out of the way, welcome! You are now one of these Crystal Beacons, training to save the world! ...Or something like that. With this premise, we begin our little RP. 


The Entity, however, is unknown. Nobody had managed to get a real look at it and survive. For now, it must remain a mystery.


Character Roster:

-Armin Keiper
-Zhibek Akhmatova
-Evonna Durand
-Jehan Durand 
-Fukushu no Kihon
-Portia Pymalee
-AW-B010LX “Luporg”


Spotify/YouTube playlists: 

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♫ Prologue // The Message ♫


Aurelius looked over the vast horizon, feeling rather uneasy. He noticed some new damage over Astana, and hoped Zhibek and her little group was alright. He assumed it was a fight, why else would there be that much damage? It wasn’t like the city was building anything in the recent years. He noticed something else down below- what was that thing? It must have been some sort of attempted rebellion. His heart sank. Of course this was bound to happen at some point, rebellions happened every single day. But he knew it was up to this group of teenagers to get rid of the Entity once and for all. He knew the longer he waited, the more would die. 


Yet he also knew that the Beacons needed, needed to train as much as they could, which they have been. Aurelius saw vast improvement in each and every one since he allowed them all to train together. They were ready. Yes, they were ready. Aurelius put his fingers to his temples and sent out the message, hoping Zhibek wasn't too far away that she couldn't hear his call. 


Beacons, I want you all to come to the main temple. I have a mission for you all. Zhibek, make your way back to base. 



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The WInd Blows~

Portia had been walking in circles in the garden. The winged but flightless fairy looked over the horizon, then back to the vivid plants shining under the bright afternoon sun. She combed her hair with a twig and a leaf - a common replacement to human combing tools in The Forests. She searched around for a puddle of water that hasn't completely evaporated, and upon finding one near a big tree soon after, kneels down gently and gazed at the image reflected by the water surface.


Oh, how you look so human-like in appearance!


The royal Pymalee, former heir to the throne of The Unnamed Forest - as she liked to call the kingdom such, proceeded to elegantly walk towards the edge of the garden, then sat on the edge. She recalled how people viewed her so lowly for not being able to fly, but they couldn't say anything to the princess, even though she had left the royal kingdom by her own will. She had once lived a short while together with the outcasts, and they prove themselves to be no worse than the grander fairies in the upper ranks. "If I had decided to return to the kingdom after that, I might have turned the society laws upside-down!" she chuckled. Her reminiscing was interrupted by a message from Aurelius. "Ah, that guardian has another pressing matter to be dealt with? If that is so, then I must." Portia stood on her feet and looked down from the edge of the island, the wind gently blowing to her face.

"I have a bigger empire to overthrow."


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Darkness and Confusion

Fukushu was relaxing in the dorms, reading a book titled "English: The Universal Language". He had his head buried in that book for hours. After a long session of learning, he finally put the book aside and laid down on the bed.

How can I not master English yet? Have I never learned a single bit of English in my previous homeland? Grammar is always the hardest part in this language... Unfortunately, not knowing English wasn't his only problem, he also forgot what was his native language, where he came from, and his memories seem to have faded away. One of the Guardians, who had found him in his Beacon Crystal, gave 2 hints of his origins: his name, one of the only few things that he was able to remember, is a name from the region of Japan. The other, which remains a mystery, is the twin daggers that he held all the years in the Crystal, with a stain of red blood on both the daggers' edges. It was later confirmed to be human blood. Had he attacked someone before, or worse, killed someone? Was it in defense, or was it purely intentional? He equipped one of the daggers with his left hand, playing and spinning it with impressive dexterity. "For a reason, I cannot leave these daggers, not even for a minute. Are these gifts? Or a curse, rather?" His questions burdened him, they're starting to hurt his head. "What if I had planned to work with the Entity, but I was coincidentally crystallized?" He felt his mind internally screaming for answers to a lot of unanswered questions, and it's tearing his sanity apart. Then he remembered what the Guardians had told him before.


"Your past, what you were, and what you did, does not have to define you. What matters is that you are now one of the Beacons of Hope, and for that you need to start a new beginning for yourself."

He got up from his bed, and equipped his daggers. He imagined a living creature with his mind in front of him, then proceeded to execute a series of stabs and slashes towards it. With the right dagger stabbing the air as the final blow, he breathed a sigh of relief. "I want to know the answers, but I will never let that overcome me. I have made a new destiny for myself, and that is to exact vengeance upon the Entity that caused pain not only to me, but to everyone besides me!" As soon as he put the book back into the drawer, Aurelius's message reached him. With haste, he swiftly pocketed his twin daggers, and dashed towards the main temple.

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   Harta bursted out a loud laugh for no apparent reason, that startled some other Beacons dining in the Mess Hall. Some raised their eyebrows at him, others shrugged it off. Almost immediately after, he just slouched back in his chair, with a quick transition to a rather unamused expression. Scratching the back of his neck, he muttered "boring" under his breath, followed by swearing.


   His chameleon eyes rolled back to glance at others staring at him. He didn't even have to turn his head. They were pretty creeped out.


   He turned to smile at them.


   They quickly left their seats.




   Three years ago, Harta had a strangely good reputation at school. Despite his oddness, he managed to make himself likable, as he learned how to win others over. Though all of that was for his own personal gain.


   Three years later, he woke up in an unfamiliar place, guided by a Guardian, while exploring his newfound ability: the power of Fear. Confused, thrilled, but it was also kind of scary. Everything changed: new places, new people, new powers. As if he's starting up a new game, for better or for worse, he didn't know.


   One thing's for sure, the sudden twist of fate made him realize that he's "back to level one". To him, if he wanted to win, he had to climb to the top, by any means. But above all, he just craved to have fun.


   Back to the present, here he is in the Mess Hall, munching on a salad of creepy crawlies while tapping his foot, impatiently waiting for a dire situation to happen. Maybe one that requires him to fight.


   Then, his scales turned from green to a bright orange. Aurelius' voice echoed in his head. The next moment, he dashed his way out before anyone else could.


   Everyone could clearly hear his excitement in the distance. Hopefully, he wouldn't scream.

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Luporg, usually called as Lu by some others, was just running towards the around the mess hall from the dorms, till he heard Aurelius calling him to the Temple. "I was just about to go through the temple area to reach the mess hall! Which means... I'll be the first one to show up again!" said the cyborg with a smirk. He pleases himself greatly when his efforts are far better than the rest of the Beacons, though in this case, it's just pure coincidence. He leapt into the air, then activated his wolf form, encasing both hands in metallic armor, and the feet adjusted for running in the anatomy of a wolf. With great swiftness, he immediately dashed for the temple. "I'm going to pounce at Aurelius and play with him for a while, I bet the rest are still on their way anyhow," said the semi-wolf.

As he sprinted, he thought of the possibilities that could occur when encountering Aurelius. It is a practice I must do if I want to be useful in combat. He thought of three possibilities: The first, is that Aurelius will eventually get bored and do play fights with him until the Beacons have assembled. The second, is that Aurelius appreciates his efforts and would send him off to gather the rest of the Beacons for being so slow. The third, which might just be a possibility, is that the situation is very important and the Guardian is not in the mood to play with him. He then paused a few steps before the temple's entrance. Could I have missed a fourth possible event? The technologically altered boy looked around him. He then raised his mechanical tail up, picking up the various ranges of sound waves unheard by the normal human ears. "None but the whistling trees due to wind," he concluded. He circled around the area for a while, till he figured something out. He had been thinking of the possibilities of what would happen if he playfully barged into the temple and didn't think the other things that may happen if he entered in a different manner. For several minutes, though being the first one to arrive the area, he still has not entered the temple. "How should I enter if I want Aurelius to like me more, then? Playfully or shyly? Walk in with two legs or four limbs? Hmm..."


The lupine cyborg is still human, after all. He has a lot to learn if he want to truly outshine others. For a few years, his previous master, the person that had altered his human body to save his life, had been proud of him and cared for him a lot. Now separated, he has to give his best to his new "master", as well as learn to befriend other people. It will not be easy, as his playful and boasting nature often annoys other Beacons. He has also lost several roommates near his room because of his noisy experiments with the available technology, mainly cyborg spare parts. Maybe he will get along with people well today. And if not, he believes there is still a tomorrow. Or the next day...

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