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Warrior Cats Roleplay Site!

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(I don't think I saw anything about no advertising? Please delete if I'm wrong, mods! c:)

As of recently, I've had a big itch to do some warrior cat roleplaying, but it seems so hard to find roleplayers who really want to stick with it. I was a fan when I was younger in elementary, but I don't read the new books anymore. Regardless, I created a roleplay site based off of an older book, and decided to change the future a bit. Instead of surviving a tornado, the Clans were really beaten up by it, resulting in them coming together to search for a new habitable home. After going against StarClan's word and warning, the four clans went east to live in the Forbidden Land.


Eight years later, after the four clans finally split up once more, disaster struck. There was famine and dehydration. And then ultimately, an earthquake that shook up their world. The few survivors crawled out of the shadows to form one large clan consisting of all of who survived: DawnClan.


Two years later, the land has recovered, and the cats have flourished. DawnClan has grown so large that it has two deputies and two medicine cats, and cats are even whispering rumors about forming new Clans. Now that everything is recovering, this is very possible. Good change is over the horizon...


Want to make your own Clan? You can! (Please read our rules, your own clan is a reward for activity and good behavior!)


If you're interested, please check us out. I made this Warrior Cat Roleplay site not long ago, so join while positions are open! We're still accepting applications for our last deputy and medicine cat. There may also be a new clan arriving soon...


**Please make an account to join!**


Click me to go to our site!

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I'm not sure whether or not there's a place for advertising other roleplay sites like yours on this forum (I think not), but it's certainly not here :P


This area is for creating new individual RPs to be reviewed. Feel free to create an RP here about Warrior Cats if you like (I'm sure there are quite a few people who frequent these forums who would like to join in, me included!) but please don't advertise :)


Also, if unsure on the rules, it's generally a good idea to ask before doing the thing. We have a thread dedicated to asking little questions (in the Help section) if you're ever unsure of where to go!

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The moderators moved it here, to my understanding. It was originally in the video game area. 

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