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A Lengthy Introduction

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Hello, I'm Dave.
I'm a digital artist, world builder, and character designer. I've designed thousands of characters and drawn my whole life.


What made me want to join the forums?

Well, I saw a few sprites that I feel should get a revamp and I wanted to know if that was okay, but I can't find it posted anywhere. I also have some suggestions to make that I feel would improve the game a little and make people be able to feel even more connected to their dragons.


Do I have any ulterior motives?

Yeah actually, I was also hoping that by joining I'd be able to meet new people and make new acquaintances. I don't socialize much.

If you're interested in getting to know me or interacting with me I do have a discord. If there is private messaging on this, just send me a message asking for my discord.


This is a draw I did the other day of one of my dragons.


This isn't usually how I draw and shade, but it's one of my more recent things.

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Hello and welcome!


We have a whole forum for suggestions, here. Feel free to post suggestions on how to improve the game there for discussion.


Here are the official art usage rules. In general you should ask the artist before editing sprites. Some of DC's artists are no longer active, and in that case I would generally refrain. Most if not all sprite updates are done privately.

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Hello and welcome!!


Just so you aren't overwhelmed/surprised, some people here are very passionate about the current sprites and are picky about suggested updates (I admit to being one of them). However, please feel free to share your ideas and why you think the way you do! I'm very curious about your ideas for feeling more connected to our dragons, that's definitely something I agree could be improved on.


(Also, that drawing is gorgeous! Wow!)

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@Kaini ive seen the permission forum thingy but is permission still required if the sprites are being remade from scratch? [only using the base colors for consistency]

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