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ANSWERED:Mass Un-Name and Release

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I'm with a lot of people here - I'm not a fan of mass-release or mass-un-naming because of the potential abuse and accidents that can happen from that.


Plus, if you're going to rename them anyways, you have to rename dragons one by one.

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7 hours ago, sorenna said:

I don't really want a mass unname or release option.  But I'd be open to an unname/release action that worked like group selection, where you have the window and can select dragons to apply it to by clicking them in the sub-list box.

How is that different? you are still selecting MULTIPLE dragons to unname or release which is exactly what this thread is asking to do?

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I don't think bulk destructive actions are a very common operation, and given the inherent risk involved with providing them, I don't plan on implementing the ability to do any sort of mass-cleaning such as releasing, unnaming, or killing.

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