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ANSWERED:Stuck for ideas with Snow Wars 2

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Ok so this isn't a life or death problem but this year I just don't know what to do with my ort design wise, last time I was full of inspiration, now I'm stuck and it is getting boring using just snowball canons to destroy stuff but I'm reluctant to buy bigger weapons in case I run out f funds for the fort building.  Can anyone chime in here? 😐

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You could make a chess game, you could do a gingerbread fort, or you could make lovely forest.



^That what my fort looks like and some people post their forts in the post in News


Note you get a new resource add about every 10 levels and so far the max level is 50.

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Since this isn't a gameplay-related issue, I'm going to close this.


OP, I recommend visiting the News topic for inspiration.  Keep leveling and you'll unlock new things to build.

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