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skullzhead's Introduction

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hello, my name is skullzhead. i joined DC in october of 2018. i found out about this neat little website through clickable dragons in the forum signatures of other users on chickensmoothie.com! i'm checking my dragons daily since i joined, borderline obsessive. DC is so addictive! hope to be added to forums soon, to see what else this community has to offer. 

about me, in short:
i like to draw, drink seltzer water, hoard online pets/dragons/ other creatures. I have a pet bird, a cockatiel named Squeakers. (he really squeaks, too!) I'm still a newbie to dragon cave and it's etiquette, but I am learning! my scroll name is the same as my forum username. see ya round dudes.  


bonus: a colored pencil drawing i made of my cute little dork of a bird! i hope there are other artists or bird lovers lingering around here :323031241_526251464393477_2832047418908330342_n.thumb.jpg.47940567e7d5f3feba9cc5a089e39839.jpg

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Ello, welcome to the forums! Cute birb art btw :3

Feel free to ask around if you need help in anything :D

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