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ANSWERED:Eggs all dumped??

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I bred two of my holiday dragons yesterday (or, well, the 20th).  And I chose one of the three eggs.  But when I looked at my scroll a bit later, somehow all three eggs were there.


Now, I look at my scroll and all three eggs have disappeared. 

I would like to know what happened (anyone?), if I can get one of my eggs back, and if there's a way to prevent this in the future?


Thank you for any assistance, anyone.

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What happened was you didn't actually choose an egg. You didn't go through with the confirmation or something - and if you don't choose one, all of them get abandoned after a short wait period.


In the future just make sure to choose an egg, input your password and complete your choice. Unfortunately there's no way to get the egg back.

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Ooooh!   ...Well shoot, I honestly don't think I've bred with results of more than one egg before.  I didn't know I needed to input my password (or just didn't notice if there was something on that page).


Thank you for the quick response and help with this!  I'll try to be more careful with my future clutches.  :)


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