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Raise freeze limits as user earns trophies?

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I'd really love to see higher limits on how many hatchlings can be frozen once a user earns a silver/gold/platinum trophy!  Egg slots scale up, so why not freezes as well?  More experienced players are more likely to want frozen hatchlings, either as part of an overall scroll completion goal, or as 'dividers' or lineage markers, so it would be nice if they could earn the ability to freeze more often over the course of play.



As a side note, I'd also like to see the language of the Freeze message changed to be more accurate; the "a few weeks" message is confusing and uninformative.  Could we have a clearly stated cooldown for this action, please?

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They do scale up. I have platinum and can do loads compared to a bronze. From the help pages:




Can be performed on: Unfrozen hatchlings.
Usage Limitations: Can be performed 18 (10 + 2 per trophy level) times per 2 weeks.

The Freeze action allows you to prevent a hatchling from becoming an adult. A frozen hatchling will cease to accumulate views, unique views, and clicks.


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