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Trading - let us notify the trade partner that they are egglocked (no PMs system required)

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I've missed the notification bell so often, it's not funny. Nice to know others don't always see it either. And of course when I'm looking for it, it suddenly decides to stop existing because I haven't gotten any notifs in forever. lol


I'd definitely like something that would either tell me or the offerer/trader that one of us is egglocked before we offer on a trade. Too many times I've gotten offers that I'd have loved to accept but couldn't because they either offered way more than I asked...or they simply have no room for what they offered on to begin with. I can get the idea of "offering but waiting on a slot to open to they can take"...but you don't always know that they're waiting on a slot to open. Or that they know they're locked at all.


A clearer notification bell alert and maybe some auto-site-message when you/they can't take a trade would be nice.

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