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Back after some years

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Hi all 😋


i'm back after some years and i'll play dragcave again and hope to find all my old friends, but first i have to take care of a little problem. i had some trouble in my reallife so i was inactiv in dragcave, but now i'm back and i'll find some old and much new friends in dragcave 😃 i'm from germany and i'm a big adoptable game freak, i like to collect all dragons and other creatures, i hope to start in the next days. i also started the last days to play my other adoptable games, but i had some trouble with dragcave (password problems etc), so i need a time longer to start also in here. i'm 33 years old and i live near Cologne in germany. i like dragons, horses, cats, foxes and wolfes very much. i also watch animes (my name is from Bankotsu from the anime Inu Yasha, he is the leader from the shininintai) and read fantasy books like harry potter. i also have some pets at home: cats, fishes and spiders. my favorite flower is the tacca nivea and the lily, my favorite color is red and purple. i'm happy that i can play dragcave again.


thanks for reading and have a nice day 😺





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