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City builder game

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So, are there anyone playing city builder game? Such as Simcity series or Cities: Skylines. I started playing this genre on this September by playing Cities: Skylines Switch Edition. And I noticed Switch isn't good hardware to play this game as game runs very slowly so I bought that game from Steam again. I prefer watching more than building so I didn't build many cities. I have only two savegames while I played this game 407 hours on steam XD














These are screenshots I took during playing this game. So do you have anything to discuss about this genre of game? Or something you want to share?


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Either way - we can't SEE !


I used to play a free city builder game. I think it died. Pity - mine was MASSIVE !

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Very pretty. FANCY graphics - I like them. I don't buy games at all, though - I used to play that fun free one.

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Way too sophisticated! I used to play Simcity 2000 which was actually a DOS game XD

It was in English, not translated to German, and to this day I kinda know that a "brownout" is a power plant failure, though I have no idea what kind of failure.

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I can help you with THAT - it's when there's a power shortage, and the power supplied goes low voltage - to try and keep people supplied with a VERY basic supply - and so your lights are dim, your oven is low temperature, and so on. I well recall one Christmas when our food took FOREVER as - being Christmas - we had a lot of candles alight and hadn't noticed the lights dim ! Or I would have upped the oven temperature. That's a risk, in case full power suddenly returns and your roast parsnips are toasted to a crisp.

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I usually play games with English. Even if those supports Korean. I sometimes change its language when I wonder how they translate those though.


They added letter that should used behind numbers on street names even if street name was noun, not number...

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