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SPAM:Breeding requests and possibly raffles/gifts!!!

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I'm not quite sure how to make threads well yet, but I'll try!!


Usually I see people are looking for certain dragons like golds, papers, Dinos, silvers, spriter alts, aeons, prizes, neglected dragons and more!!


So, I wanted to be able to help people and others to help others on this thread by letting people help get a dragon they're looking for! Maybe to even help them with a lineage they're looking for(example: 2nd gen from Chrono wyrm and blusang)!! 😊

Maybe even possible raffles for others, and others may host raffles here as well if they'd like!

And maybe even give a special gift to someone of something they'd been wanting, almost like a very random happy/kind surprise!! ☺️

Anyways! I'll start it off with somethings that I can breed possible pb 2nd-3rd gems of! 

I can breed a 2nd gen pb of:

-Aeon wyverns

-Red/Rainbow Copper wyverns

-Brown Copper wyverns

-(possibly if they don't reject each other) Gold Dragons

And possibly more may be added later!!


I can breed a 3rd gen pb of:

-Gold Dragon

I can't remember I'll have to check, but I'll add more later!!



-Please don't force others to give you something!! It may hurt someone's feelings!!

-You may gift, raffle from time to time, exchange trades, be kind(of course), and more(just, no mean activity please)! 

-If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask for help!! 😊

-Please no swearing or offending others!

-You may help others!

-If someone does give you something, don't forget to thank them!!

-You may ask for a breeding request from me, but if you'd like a breeding request from someone else, make sure it's ok with them first!!

-And still more possible rules will be added later!!


Thank you so so much to everyone and have a very great day/night!! And, good luck!! 😊☺️

(I hope this thread is alright to make)!! X)

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I accidentally misspelled a couple words!

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You may be interested in the following threads - make sure you read their rules before you post! The 2nd one is a bit easier to use, while the first one is more likely to get your requests done.





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Hey, would you be interested in a trade? Once my breeding cooldown is over (and I have more room for eggs, whoops) I could breed a 2nd gen Nebula or two, or maybe another breed if you're interested!

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This topic (or the majority of the replies to this topic) has been deemed spam. Spam is not allowed per the board rules. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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