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And All Creation Wept [Closed]

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The world of Tretonum was war torn, broken, and apocalyptic. Balendin himself, the very Avatar of Destruction, had returned even more powerful than before. The Avatar of Change, Reina, had predicted his return from the abyss many moons ago. Her prophecy came true. She had warned her sister, Lavada the Avatar of Creation, that simply hiding their brother away would not change his destructive habits. Her sister did not listen.

With a heavy heart, Reina continued with her natural duty. Their world was on the brink of changing times.

The war had spread quickly across the beautiful Dragon world. Balendin did not waste time when it came to his natural duty as well. He did it with malice and glee, and the enthusiasm in which he conquered Tretonum would be seen as barbaric. He stole countless lives, went beyond the "natural limit". He could only be described now as evil. Being banished to the abyss by his sister had hardened his heart like his scale plating had hardened when he matured.

Lavada created her own army from the loyalist dragons in Tretonum. She had the pygmies go in as spies. Nearly all of Tretonum was ready to die fighting standing by her side. They were her children. She was the reason they even lived.

Her army, however, would not even compare to the demon spawn that had returned from the abyss along with the Avatar of Destruction. Black Marrows, Grave Dragons, Desipis Dragons, and all kinds of nasties came as well. All species of dragon who Lavada had banished to prevent them from harming her creations. She saw them as demons that needed to be cast out. Oh, and they remembered. They were all filled with hate. The worse thing is.... they bred. And they bred.

And they bred.

So huge was this army of truly powerful dragons that most of Lavada's army did not stand a chance. Not standing the sight of her children being killed in battle, Lavada decided to go to her brother herself. She would tear down Balendin once and for all. Reina begged her not to. She had foreseen what would come of Lavada's decision. She desperately tried to get Lavada to at least take one of her scales. Perhaps it would assist her in overruling her fate. Lavada steadily refused.

Reina then made the decision to accompany her sister to the ultimate battle with their brother. They needed to do this for the good of Tretonum. The sisters met their brother in the most intense battle any of the war beaten dragons had ever witnessed. But then there was silence and a wave of sorrow washed throughout the land. Pain gripped every dragon's heart as the Avatar of Change's wail echoed through the valleys. It reached to the depths of the oceans and to the tallest mountains. It buried deep into the ground and went up high into the air.

The Avatar of Creation, the mother of Tretonum itself, had been killed.

And all Creation Wept.


The pygmy sifted through the rubble almost frantically. They could hear their friends calling to them; they needed to get out of here. It was just rubble. There was nothing left worth salvaging. She was dead, there was nothing they could do.

But the little pygmy knew there was something here. They could just feel something pulsing underneath their little paws. But what could be hidden in the former home of the late Lavada, the patron goddess of Tretonum?

Perhaps it was a little piece of her, a little shard of raw essence, that could be used to bring her back. Or maybe some sort of weapon that could be used on the Avatar of Destruction. Or, best of all, Lavada herself. Perhaps she had hidden away here and sent a doppelganger to fight her brother. The pygmy knew that idea was stupid. If Lavada hadn't really died, the agony and mourning that followed her death would not have been so intense.

The pygmy found an opening they could easily slip into. As they squeezed through the gaps in the rubble, something began to glow just up ahead. They followed it, becoming more anxious and curious by the second. What they stumbled upon would change the fate of Tretonum for sure.

They resurfaced a long while later, carefully dragging something with them. They returned to their friends and presented their treasure.

A beautiful blue orb sat in the middle of the group. Lavada had left behind her egg.


Basic Plotline

 You are the group of dragons who have discovered the egg. Knowing the danger the unborn hatchling is in, they take it upon themselves to protect it and bring it to Lavada's sister, Reina. What they don't know yet is that Reina has been captured by her brother and forced to give prophecies to the evil Balendin. And then he plucks one of her scales to change what she tells him. So this young band of heroes realise that the fate of Tretonum rests on their shoulders. They must end this war and create peace once more.


Lay of the Land

 Tretonum is a vast land one can easily get lost in if unfamiliar with it. In the West lay the ashen lands of fire. Active volcanoes rise high into the sky, spilling lava over the land and spilling into the Antrim Ocean. In the East, it is spotted with lush forests and plains. Yet another ocean stretches off the East coast, the Laveina Ocean. In the South, there is a desert which stretches for miles before giving way to jungle. Farther beyond this jungle is the Tretonic Ocean. In the North there are the Gilded Peaks, a mountain range that contains Tretonum's tallest peaks and home to all those mountain dwelling dragons. These mountains back up to a mighty sea known as the Argon Sea. There are many a village spread out, and then there are cities. The capital is Amarok, located on the East coast. It is a beautiful city on the cliffs overlooking the Laveina Ocean. However, the war is being waged in the South. The army of Balendin seemed to have just appeared in the desert and that has been the center of all the evil activity. It has recently spread outwards, claiming the jungles and creeping onto the mountains and seeping into the East. The West seems to be doing well with holding the evil out of its fiery lands.


Some Rules

1) I'm sorry, but you cannot be an avatar Dragon or a Guardian of Nature. It takes away from the lore of Tretonum.

2) No overpowered characters. Mary Sues and Gary Stues are not cool, people.

3) You may play one Dragon friend. Only one. I want to get at least six people, including myself, to have one character before considering making more. 

4) The rules on this site say four sentences. But I would like you to write four or more lines.

5) Write in the third person only.

6) Dragons are based off of DC dragons, but you can make one up.

7) I will be controlling one Dragon friend, Reina, Balendin, and any obstacles that will pose a challenge to our heroes. Please do not try and control these things.

8. Keep genders balanced. I don't want a bunch of females or a bunch of males.

9) Be sure to make your characters as rounded as possible. Flat characters are boring.

10) PM character sheets for approval.

11) Unless it's an emergency , please give notice if you will be unavailable.

12) Most importantly, have fun!😎


Character Tracker

1. Claudia- Soulpeace Dragon

2. Temperamus/Tempus- Chrono Xenowyrm

3. Arc- Storm Rider Dragon

4. Coffin- Black Marrow dragon

5. Trasyrt- navy blue dragon

6. Mikesha- misfit pygmy


Forms ((delete things in parentheses))


Age: ((I want these dragons to be fairly young ones))



Description: ((I don't know all the species in existence, so provide a brief description))

Backstory: ((write at least three lines of this))

Personality: ((do not just list the traits. Write it like a story))




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Name: Mikesha ((Mike for short))

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Species: Misfit Pygmy

Description: Misfit Pygmies are brightly-colored dragons who love to make life miserable for other creatures. When several Misfits group together, it is certain that there is mischief afoot. They do everything they can to tease, causing general mayhem for all. Misfit Dragons will steal food from beneath other dragons’ noses both for fun, and to fill their bellies. While they are known for their tricks and pranks, they have a rarely-displayed sweet side and will search out little treasures to present to their chosen mate. ((Not my description; credit goes to DC))

Backstory: Mike grew up in his father's little group of other misfits for some time after being able to leave the care of his mother, a common pygmy. Because his mother was a common pygmy, he gained much of her affectionate personality traits. When he was old enough not to rely on his father, he went out on his own and began his own team of buddies.

Personality: Mike is a misfit amongst the misfits. While they enjoy causing misery in other dragons, he likes to make them feel happy and comfortable. He cares greatly for others, which he thinks came from his mother's side. He does enjoy a good prank here and there, but he merely does it for a good time. He doesn't steal food from other dragons like the misfits do and instead scavenges among the table scraps or has one of his friends do the hunting for him. But if none of these are available, he eats berries and nuts, which really sets him apart. Mike likes making friends and has a tender heart. He can get frustrated easily and gets a bit snappy when he does.


He felt the most pain when Lavada died, but he can't explain why.

He has seen those mysterious chickens and is wondering if he can find one and keep it as a pet



//there. Now it's officially done and ready for you to look at, @ValidEmotions. I hope it's okay I made another post for my form?

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I would not say no one is not, it a rather interesting plot line you have. If i can make something up for your i will send it to you, but i have made many and i mean many creations in the past few years. Cheers

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Name: Trasyrt (Nickname: Tras)

Age: 86

Gender: Female

Species: Royal Blue Dragon

Description: Royal Blue dragons are a nocturnal breed who prefer to live high in the mountains near slow-moving water that reflects the night sky. Although quite capable of defending themselves, they are peaceful by nature and will avoid a fight whenever possible.

Backstory: Trasyt is the Queen-in-waiting. Before the war her family were the calm and peaceful rulers of Salenia. However, when Balendin's forces started creeping up the mountain, they were forced to fight back. Trasyrt's mother, Fenina, needed to hide her daughter while the Royals were fighting. With a heavy heart she gave Trasyt over to the wise elder, Vaquez. Vaquez flew young Trasyrt down, opposite side of the moutain were the fighting was happening. This all happened when Trasyrt was only 46. She lived many years under the elder's roof and listened to him. However, she got more and more curious about the world outside the house and decided one day to go explore. As she walked into the woods she became engulfed by the beauty that surrounded her. She kept walking and walking and soon lost her way. Being completly lost (and as the sun set), she became afraid and longed for Vaquez. As she was walking through the quickly darkening forest she ran into a small Misfit Pygmy named Mikesha.

Personality: Even from a young age Trasyrt was very rebellious. She would often try to get out of Royal Banquets. However, this rebellious spirit also gave her a warrior's spirit. As a result, she was a very good fighter. However, her warrior spirit is very much contrary to her people's belief. Trasyrt is also impaitient. She is very patriotic, however, and will fight for anything she calls home. She is very patient with people but she is very energetic and active.

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Mike? What now? We have the egg, but where to now? Do you know where Balendin is keeping Reina?

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Name: Coffin

Species: Black Marrow

Gender: Female

Personality: Funnily enough, Coffin is actually a very bubbly dragon. She is somewhat young and is very happy-go-lucky. She still enjoys destruction, but more of the kind of "knocking things over and watching them fall onto the ground" kind of destruction.

Other:  She actually is not a part of Baledin's army, but many assume that she is.

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//Some things to keep in mind: In the very beginning of the roleplay, when we first start, I want everyone to post once and wait for everyone to have a chance to reply. Once the first replies are in place, you can fly on from there. But remember, this is a group of friends. They won't be separated by much of for very long. Whoever hasn't followed this thread probably wants to do so.

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Mikesha looked up at his fellow Dragon friends, his eyes full of excitement. "This is an opportunity of a lifetime! We get to be heroes!" He exclaimed as he gently nudged the blue egg sitting in a makeshift nest amongst them. He was smaller than the egg, his head only coming to about three quarters of the way up its shell. He pressed the side of his head against it. "I can hear the baby inside!"


Mike the Misfit Pygmy had never felt such a thrill of excitement before in his life. He had found something so much better than something to bring Lavada back. She deserved to rest in peace. But now there was a chance of redeeming her name and all her creations. He looked back at his friends, wondering if they'd even been listening, or even saw what a great journey that had been given to them. He was sure they were meant to find this egg. Why else would he, a tiny pygmy of all things, get to feel the power of this egg? It had drawn him in. It would be his duty, and of course all his friends' duty to get it to Reina safely. 

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Arc stared directly at Mikesha, then the egg, then back and Mikesha.

"Are you... Sure?"

He eyed the egg curiously.
"That could be any old egg, how do you know it's Lavada's?"

After rethinking what he said, he reworded it.

"Sure, it's in Lavada's old home, and sure, it was hidden... But, there are lots of dragon species out there that have blue eggs, how do you know this one is... Well, the one?"

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"That is a very good point, Arc," replied Trasyrt, "but there is another side to this. What if it is? It IS in Lavada's old home. And why would Lavada keep an blue egg in her home?" As Tras (Trasyrt) walked up to Mike and touched the egg, she said "Besides, what's wrong with having a little adventure?" While Tras is touching the egg, she feels a warm feeling inside if her, as if the egg was agreeing.

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Coffin stood a little ways away from the others, her eyes alight with interest. The egg was beautiful, a shocking blue. It seemed to almost pulse with light. She moved a bit closer, and then closer. Soon, she could hear snatches of conversation. She paid no attention, still mesmerized by the shimmery egg, until she heard the words "little adventure." Coffin stopped. Her head snapped up, and her eyes slowly widened. She was still for a few seconds. Then, she suddenly began to bounce up and down in excitement.

 "Adventure? I wanna come! I wanna come!" She could not identify who had spoken the words, but she did not care. Someone was going on an adventure, and she wanted to come. 

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Mikesha craned his neck upwards to look at Tras, a smile on his features. "You can feel it, too, huh? It's trying to speak to us." He looked at Arc as well, eye bright. "I just have this feeling. It started in my paws and made its way my body, ending with my belly. I was meant to find that egg. If you told character it, you can feel its power." He laughed at the excitement of the black marrow Dragon and took a few steps to get a better look at her. "We're all going on an adventure!"

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"Yipee!" cried Tras and jumped around excitedly. She started to troop into the forest, when sudenly, she turned around and asked, slightly sulckingly, "Where to next? Do we habe a map or anything that could help us find wherevto take the egg?"

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"Well, I'm happy to go on an adventure, haven't done anything productive lately. So it's a good idea...."

He looked to Tras.

"I do have a map, somewhere. I kept it in a tree in the forest... I think I marked it with an X."

He looked to the egg, and studied it.

After a moment, he looked to the forest.

"I'll go get it."

He bounded off, in the direction of the map.

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Tras looked at the bounding figure of Arc and turned back to his friends. "Maybe we could find something to carry the egg with. Does anyone want to check the house with me?" asked Tras the rest of the dragons standing around her.

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Coffin was thrilled. New friends, an adventure, and a new discovery. "Yeah!" Coffin said, upon hearing the dragon's question. She loved exploring, what better way to do it?

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