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ANSWERED:'An error has occurred' (Solved)

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When I visit dragcave.net/trading or the pages of any of my gendered hatchings (but not for example the cave, adults, eggs or ungendered hatchlings) in Chrome I get a page that says 'An error has occurred.'.


Clearing my cookies associated with the site didn't help, neither did logging out of then into the site, nor restarting Chrome. I can view other people's gendered hatchlings found via hacheries. I am also able to access all these pages using Microsoft Edge browser (which has issues of its own). This has been going on for at least 3-4 hours.


If anyone can suggest a solution it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Have you cleared your CACHE ?


I just tested in Chrome (I hate Chrome, so that was quite the sacrifice !) and it's working fine.

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That's sorted it, thanks! ^_^


Could have sworn I tried that alongside the cookies but apparently not O_o

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