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ANSWERED:Unable to edit Lineage Post

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So I went to add the Hogwarts breeds itno my Stripes of Hogwarts breeds allowed list post... only to not be able to find the edit post button.. its one made by this account, so what gives? None of my posts can be edited..

Oddly this one could... with a side note: I don't check this account often so if someone's able to help, please ask EragonSaphiraRider as that is my main forum account.

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That is odd. It sounds like it is not recognizing you as being logged into the account, and yet you were able to post in the thread (and here) as Hogwarts Stripes Lineage. Since you were able to edit this post I wonder -- does the edit button show on the post that you just added to the Hogwarts Stripes thread?

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