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Sort by bred/stolen(+few more)?

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I don't have a lot of dragons, but when looking for breedable dragons, that is a certain sex, a cb, from a certain habitat (ex. When breeding a copper of a certin color), I often feel quite frustrated. Especially the second one. It might be just me who has these difficulties. Some ideas are


1. Sort by Bred/Stolen(cb)


I REALLY want these. Sorting them in groups are a pain in the back, since I constantly seek and trade dragons. Plus, I find it a bit sad when people name their dragons 'CB(name) ' like this, to make sorting easier.  If possible, it will be nice if the scroll lines up the cb dragons by habitat(Alp-Vol order)


2. Being able to 'fuse' ready-provided sort options in custom.


It might be just me simply not knowing how to use the custom sort well. But I find the current custom sort system a bit difficult. What about a fuse option that lets you combine two search options?


Selecting Fuse will give ask you to choose two sorting methods. Then, it'll ask which one will be prioritized. Once the program combines and process the request, It'll give a small list of dragons that 'clash(dragons that cannot be determined where to be put in, due to having multiple or zero options)'. The user only has to manually place those in spots of the scroll. 


(Ex. Let's say that I have two 7day aeon eggs, and a two ice eggs, one 5days and one 3days./ and choose to fuse show growing egg&hatchie with option for age, with age prioritized.


 The order on the list(with this option) will be the 3day ice egg, 5day ice egg, and the aeon eggs. However, the two aeons are same in age, and therefore clash. The program will tell the user these aeons clash. The user can click and choose which egg will come first. )


Sorry for the crappy explanation ;).. not really good at english. 

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There used to be a suggestion to allow for "fusing" of sort options - like breed, then gender. Or breed, gender, then generation. I supported it then, and I support it now.



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Eh, I put all my CBs in their own group, so that does the job, but sorting and searching for things could be improved in general.

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