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ANSWERED:Scroll link not working?

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The rest of the menu links work fine but when i click the word dragons to go to my scroll i get the "error has occurred" page, it started this morning during the wall of hatchies in ap, i thought maybe it was just site lag, so i just went to take of things elsewhere.


i just tried again now, still getting the same error? I can view my scroll if i click on scroll name from dragon page but it views as outside not from scroll perspective?


anyone having issues? Whats going on?

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I don't have that problem 😕

Did you try clearing you cache/cookies/etc? That sometimes can help!



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Yes, didnt help. Still not sure what caused it but it finally just cleared up. Signed out and back in too, didnt solve.

Signed out and in again just now, loaded error page instead of dragons, not scrolling to bottom of menu properly either had to switch to portrait to see " sign out" no idea why but hitting refresh this time loaded scroll.


No idea what caused it. Seemed like site lag at first. 


Its working correctly now, thankfully!

Thanks for responding! 


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