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Hello, I'm a newcomer!

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Hello, nice to meet you! I'm PeachyKeen, though Peach or Keen is just fine by me. I had a past account that I never really got to use & most recently tried to get a hold of opening, but it seemed to be out of commission. I hope this is acceptionable as I cannot find any way to get into the other account aside from being eggs and gathering them. ;;



I've yet to see the beautiful dragons on this website in their full glory, but I do admire the eggs of the (I believe to be) black-tea dragons and I can't wait to find one and hatch it! ^^ I hope to get it to have enough clicks in time! If you happen by my account and see anything that needs clicks, please don't hesitate to help out, I'll be sure to do the same if you ever ask or I happen upon the same situation!

Thank you for reading my introduction and bearing through it. 💕

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