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What's Your Favorite Sprite(s)?

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What's your fav sprites?


Mine would have to be the hooktalon prematured hatchling off the top of my head. i mean look at the little dude




i also love the shadow walkers adult sprite. so majestic




oh i also love the prematured pipio hatchling. The Littlest Man.



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32 minutes ago, Hazerino said:

oh i also love the prematured pipio hatchling. The Littlest Man.



Yes to this. I coo everytime I see them. They are SO cute. 😍


It's really hard to decide, honestly! 

Ok, so without giving it too much thought, the firsts that come to mind are:

Aether adult (I mean, look at the colors!! and fluffly!)






Witchlight (I love both, but if I had to chose, I'd say female wins) --> I think it's the winner. I always thought they were my fave Halloween but looking at it closely, I think they are my favorite sprite, point!



Shimmers!! I think bronze is my fave.



There are so many... Some sprites I love for their colors, some for their pose, some for the general feel of it. Some for all the above. So hard to choose 😢 


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Personally I adore the colours of the Blusang, everything about those sprites is so beautiful 😌

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Silver Shimmer and Pacified Aegis stole my heart years ago. Blue-ish sprites usually become instant favorites for me. 


Edit: and of course the gorgeous Witchlights, but particularly the male sprite

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1 hour ago, RealWilliamShakespeare said:

Personally I adore the colours of the Blusang, everything about those sprites is so beautiful 😌

They remind me of some of the creatures in the Panzer Dragoon universe:




And I like those for the same reason I really like the Blusangs. ❤️ It's an aesthetic I just really enjoy.


Looking at my notes (since I struggle to remember all dragon sprites at the best of times, these days!), the pacified Aegis is my favourite sprite to date:




It's just so delightfully fluffy, and the details on it are incredible.


But there are definitely a lot of contestants for second place. Have a couple of those:


xenowyrm_(thalassa).png honey_m.png black_marrow_m.png arsani.png celestial_(corporeal)_f.png


Don't ask me for a common theme. XD

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Aether egg, Almerald gendered hatchling,

Bauta egg, Black alt male adult (and I still don't have one :(), sitting alt gendered hatchling, BBW male adult

Cassare gendered hatchling and adult, Common Pygmy male adult, Crimson Flare Pygmy adult,

Dark Myst male adult, Glory Drake egg and adults, Daydream female adult,

Fire Gem eggs, Floret eggs, Freckled adult, Frilled female adult,

Gemshard ungendered hatchlings, Geode (all), Golden Wyvern adults, Guardian gendered hatchling, Avatar of Change adult

Hellhorse (all), Snow Angel adults, Garland adult, Kyanite adult, Leodon adult, Lunar Herald eggs and adults,

Melismor ungendered hatchling, Nebula gendered hatchlings, Omen Wyrm egg

Prize gold eggs, Tinsel ungendered hatchlings, Purple male adult, Pyralspite (everything),

Script gendered hatchling, Skywing adult, Soulpeace egg, Stone egg and adult, Storm male adult, Striped (all blue), Sunset male adult,

Turpentine hatchlings and adult, Split adults, Waterhorse female adult, White hatchlings,

Xenowyrm ungendered hatchlings (all) and Mageia adult, Zyumorph desert adult


That makes eggs of 14 breeds, ungendered of 10, gendered of 12, and adults of 30 breeds XD It's so tough to pick just ONE favourite - impossible!

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latest?cb=20091212214652Easily the Vine dragon, I just love how unique it is, buried in the ground. The Alt is cool too but the original is the best.


It's hard to choose a second... 

White adultI love the White a lot because it reminds me of one of my oldest OCs, a feathered albino dragon that is a healer.

Vampire maleVampire femaleThe Vampire is super cool, I love both the males Phantom of the Opera vibe and the females Pale Lady look.

Undead eastern adultThe Zombies are so good too, I wasn't a big fan of the old design but the revamp with all the different types, glorious. The Eastern is probably my favourite of the bunch.

Pipio Pygmy malelatest?cb=20181004011933Finally there's the Pipio, what can I say pigeons are my favourite bird, and I watched the creation of the Pipios on the Requests board hoping that those pretty little doves would be available soon, I have yet to grab even one but I need a flock of these little angels asap.

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Just to pick a few adult sprites:


Gemshard [they remind me of playing dogs, somehow]

Male Floret Wyvern

Female Magelight Pygmy


Female Grave

Xenos [except Pyro]



There are also 2-3 unreleased breeds that I absolutely adore but I'm not sure if we are allowed to include those (or talk about them outside of their owns threads) - so I'll refrain from doing that ;)




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latest?cb=20180521045722latest?cb=20100404131713latest?cb=20171228123024latest?cb=20151228081839latest?cb=20130210003018 latest?cb=20170826134315


These are the ones that immediately come to mind. I like a lot of the sprites though.


latest?cb=20160824120230latest?cb=20101103161955latest?cb=20151103110802latest?cb=20140217092254latest?cb=20170219224046 latest?cb=20181004011933

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I have a lot of frozen hatchling armies because of the adorableness of some of the hatchlings. 


Black hatchi  Canopy hatchi  Bleeding Moon hatchi  I've always really loved the Canopy hatchie, and the Bleeding Moon always reminds me of a puppy with that pose. 


Soulpeace male Soulpeaces are gorgeous, I have 'FeatherDusted' in all their names because of their wings. Simply beautiful. 


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1 hour ago, HeatherMarie said:


Soulpeace male Soulpeaces are gorgeous, I have 'FeatherDusted' in all their names because of their wings. Simply beautiful. 




soulpeace dragons are GORGOUS i cant believe i forgot them in my original post!!!

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I love all the stages of Deispis/Omen/Cailgene/Bolts/Guardian/Heartseeker/Hellhorse/Horse/Radiant Angel.


The adult Balloon, adult Electric, adult Garland.


The frozen hatchling of Skywing/Spotted Greenwings are awesome. :D

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Picking a favorite is as good as impossible, there are just too many gorgeous sprites around. :wub:  Even if I tried, I'd probably have to cite 25% of the on-site sprites, which is as ridiculous as it's true.

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I've managed to narrow it down to these sprites, but honestly there are so many good ones!

pagUgunHAo049XwQVziEyAquIh8a9CHBpwhVXXX20HLWTYIP0wm6Ho6A3h4dXzlnQYYryA_spWyq10v7kGZk22mEQLPBb0uNwhO5yuBwSdg6Xcn8N6U1HA0CF9i6zUTgYyyALmSJil8iCyJLvzRxfcebdEoTlrlyH2-Qg3bhymIaYAzlXPrxoGYxXhWo_WPlTShjQCUBLdND6c5KiZxYYA7rCX_mBu6FqOFu6tuMz-DmTnuEPuzmsCuUJ16q4c4Gn2xxF0Oeep0zNs4cRScbTvxsJO2g64VPUhav-kU1U2mnu_469Gw3KMA3j93BdaGFGBSW9ooR9iSNm7lwihCo41NS9DkGAAo9EFDqiY1vbjN-9q92RErwq9QYzJyb1b9-i9fwi87Kkzk-R_SNpfHJxv7lFFWd6CMnEw7hwL1ZpLYUFIY0eaKEcS9qvuWdK01rLPdXxJBkoEctPOgZ_pcdoRq0qRlGrGM2JQxJ1f6yWBKPLCRAf7mUKVMqWms4gNqYjswiJl9JFLj7RVwUcLHuBpLjzf-0j1BY83GLRyh2BywHdTmZDN1GwtNSbUnxUPrtYq-YHHFGKDH7cfSVzowuFxIq13g4rs0lyREUdDjf9eR2p0Z1c2X88ubfyGDkqSfO4hbHaR8UxlYq6-sfJV7kuDCL3fc-jAI-MlsojC_K PUkUOWiNguaF2vvtWuOuzbqwezxjdnoPsPkFsL5vj1XmS73CvhXWI0cGO82td_hiLodCjpcVOgmie5Qf9PVz-4bGJz4utUY8k4tk1mCQlwzeCDS7ofSw-cOEffQ6E2z1Kut6s6d7Cj23d3nVP4NgbRbZrWPmVHp0astiVPbSH3Rh1BMkrXyxRD5ki1I2XEzDKNiF58DL0qdxpKUDi2zl-dW0tjWpSMRDS2FlPekXf-LM23mRrx7u1wqBLZlCwdWBls8JigVBZDY_M8GAdNNTU_FRYoKHMkFgsuLWKP1FintxOVAoUSLUZcc3h4_VLOVZvo7VU-qUnXViI2z1ewjaNt1e7ERoFi5mgWLk_LkYCQO0LzBAatjPcjsdnNhbwRUHoPVXs7PElmjV8EIGh4Fnf1fxNGumiF9e8G5S_u101W-zfPAT5V9uH2geSODJecrDaYFibMU3YJ6ZcctH18xE_DbtsN1rnyYUO8I_TJUZxer6WLF1qD8nZeCvb2mJGAYQuQhmg3pqagPLrsTFfGVp_WZvgEo0zAKB


JIEDh9xmdxhP3f3d8FriLrFkz6qrLJJkRWMGhce9qaGT944bvaXLN3ExSdA1ljj6q1zSHXIzqI_zd34cCUSDJR9k7cQUwEzXwTWYZRgOrTuqMU4T8gUFflPmlW0d6kgewWtdD3F0 GD_PRW9RxzHHe6RaJJD-65oTD5l1J0wjiLRd4lXndyKQ17sSM1CRZ_DKTl5kjRQLBDZprjX9yjQATBkPc4OMiHlkCc9-XlSIZtxdlb69UVCRRHKJnnbH5pqMgaZMBI3jRNug_2Xi UaR3PhecxS_VbPrPRxqwSgBE267J8SqqqiaSBBjVZZOKLm-fxvc63969N23IXoJbHSNq6Sr4Wr1kHaXyyZDb0CKHl3wEMBBBWWkgvr3MaBgeoKB3w0EPusdwTjpBo-y_XWnCbm0X Pipio Pygmy hatchi ybHAbFoLtBRl_f919eZzT5SzzJJ3fUtWMAoQl4-cghVlQ3ehy2Q2mk3Hhfm1JoHOJTTD6OY53il4DSMN2kDvJLx7kW7_ATJoUsprvUmj9ZbpLBvPY_t4WlsEWTLkfaoI4yH2Ap13 mMxbVhkkHHtiNIFp-sJBsbFYvJPeacKAILL6_JJinGIRABTzWaf-Lxl9FqCkxs7kyqJjtIURtybV-qmuEZkP0fMPZ6qDKveAq-6LA84k9QBC62aGU-T6kVcoiSqdoSCo9vr7DA0w S3xxTz8jtNFDaAO9i_rU9cAUuevsalrj83XtPdPnQAYCgFYEtiXWaqa2-_n94rFFPPSyygbqV432IF5mvVz7VN5YDbflqaaAK082FaVFb4WlgvWEwssxY6Ldln49dX3FBV5m5kck 2GDEm5oKF0VTiuz2J6WP0aIA4QQFZwAh-tMDWM4ZVKj_L_XrM5-G6jGskGjIwym3yXw-nPfi15jgVxjr7MrJWiI8O4Vm4da40DsDhW9DIm9ZeroVUB0utwNb5Ila_UZ2ggG9jqjS

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vNbwBXJ.png TEI8WKX.png


My favorites.


jqXAcrM.png Rawxblm.png nTm8sWn.png 9iNrGfD.png


The runners-up.


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I love how pretty these all are.



These guys are all pretty cool.







And finally, eggs that make me wish we could freeze them.

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