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Hi everyone!

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Hi all,


I'm a 13+ girl in Australia. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, playing chess and looking after my chickens (chooks).


My favourite animal is a horse. Followed by chickens, dolphins and zebras. My favourite mythological animal would definitely be dragons, followed by the Pegasi.


I would really love to be able to change shape, so that I could become a bird, or a dragon, and fly. Aeroplanes and helicopters... Just... Nah. Aeroplanes create lots of pollution, so not for me, thanks!


My favourite colour is purple. Not too much pink, thanks, and hold the blue. Somewhere in the middle please!


I love chatting and roleplaying, but I do have a problem in roleplays where I can get a bit bossy and dominating. I really should stick to writing - it's like the roleplay, but it's just me, so I know how the world works and who's this powerful, and if this can be defeated like that...


I'm generally pretty friendly, but I do have my own opinions, and I understand everyone else has theirs, too. If there's an argument building, I would prefer to just walk away and leave it.


I live on a really small block - only 1 1/14 of an acre! And dad has managed to plant a million and one grapevines... Don't ask me how. I don't know. That's his secret.


How do we find space for the chooks, you ask? What about the dog and the two cats, as well? No-one knows. Mum probably shouldn't have gotten the dog in the first place, but she's here now, and she has been for 11+ years! She's not going anywhere. One of the cats was a gift from a family member/friend (I don't recall) who bred cats. One of their cats crossbred with a stray, which they didn't want, so we got this adorable, black half Siamese kitten. I think she was adorable, anyway. She was cute in the photographs! I was still in Mum's womb when Mum and Dad got her.

The other cat is a tabby, with a little half, brown mustache, white legs, lower face, neck and chest and a black stripe down her back, with ginger bases to her ears (how come she gets a more detailed description???).


And the chooks... I'll start with the rooster, to get him out of the way... We lent a rooster to my uncle, so that he could get some fertile eggs. Unfortunately, the rooster got taken by foxes. So, we have his son, Apollo. He's mostly white, with black, iridescent tail feathers, and black tips to his chest feathers. Most of his feathers have a yellow-orange hue.

Three of the hens are Light Sussex Bantams - white bodies, black neck feathers encased in a ring of white, tail feathers the same, and black and white mottled wing feathers (however, they have a white outer appearance due to white feathers on top).

Two of the hens are children on Apollo and one of the Sussexes. White bodies, with a touch of brown/black in their tails and a little bit of black in their neck feathers. They have the black and brown mottled wings.

One hen is a brown version of the Sussexes. She could almost pass for a Buff Sussex, if she weren't a shade dark.


Here are some photos of Limey, on of the Sussexes, with one of the chicks (now grown up) and Sasha, the tabby cat.



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