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Hiya everybody!

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hello Dragon Cave forummmmmerrrs(?)! I am not new to the game itself, but I have only briefly browsed the forums just to figure out why the vampire dragons weren’t in the Halloween biome. Either way, my account turns a month old on the 30th, so I am pretty much a newbie. My friend on the other hand joined Dragon Cave just 2 weeks ago and is already some type of genius at the game. But it’s alright, I am getting on well, collecting all my beautiful dragons and giving them spicy two-worded names.


But enough about my dragons, I really like cats. I got two cats myself, named Millie and Archie. Archie just stuck his claw in my hand. Thanks, bud. 


Before I go off to wash this off, I’d like to say— Archie is attacking my feet now — I am looking forward to fully join the Dragon Cave community and meeting you all! ^ω^

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