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Hi and a Question

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Hi i am not new at Dragoncave itself, but new at the Forums. So Hi i am Nighttamer ^^

Oh and i have a Question about Dragons, because i want to make a Story about (or with) them. Don’t worry, i don’t think i would ever post this anywhere, its more for myself and so..

Okayy i wanna ask you about the Intelligence of Dragons, sometimes its said  in the Description, but not ever and not so percise. So, are Dragons more Humanlike in Intelligence? Or higher?

And what’s with Pygmys? I sometimes think they have a rather lower Intelligence, more Cat or Dog like.

But waht do you think about this?


(Sorry if this is the false Topic, but i was somehow not allowed to post it at any other place. So you can move it if you want ^^)


(Oh and i am an German Girl, so sorry vor the writing issues. ^^)

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Hello and welcome! It's fine to post your question here, I'll do my best to answer it. Hopefully others can too!


I look at dragons (including the two-headed dragons) as more intelligent than animals, but not as intelligent as humans. One thing to note from their descriptions is drakes are not as intelligent as dragons. For me, the best comparison is with the dragons from Game of Thrones, but not as intelligent as the Dragonlance dragons. All can understand human speech. 


I hope that helps!

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Welcome to DC forum! Enjoy!


Don't worry about your English. Some of us don't use English as their native language.

I saw some active users who can speak German here :P 

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