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im new

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hi! im Raccooon, Im new!

I watched a few vids on how to hatch my eggs, it said that I need a lot of views! 




(If u can, plz help me on how trading and things work >_<)

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Hello and welcome :) You can get views for your dragons by adding them to fansites.


Keep in mind it's against forum rules to post them here - the forum would be full of nothing but eggs!


For trading, you'll need a magi dragon. That's to create trades - you can offer on other people's trades through the trade hub, which is that link that says 'trading' on the main site. :)

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Welcome to DC! Enjoy!


As already mentioned, you can use fansites to get views. Well a lot of views actually can makes them sick so using single fansite is enough for them.

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