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Hello, I guess

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Hey, my name is Ghost and I'm not actually new here x'D I've been a member since 2013, I had some inactive phases now and then and I didn't really bothered about the forum until now.

My native language is German and I've studied English for 8 years now. In my free time I like drawing, writing (mostly in German), watching series, cartoons & anime and making & reading webcomics.

I love Pokémon, even though I didn't played the games for too long. My favorite pokémon is Decidueye^^

I have a wide range of favorite bands, songs and music genres. I have also a Spotify playlist with all my favorite songs and it goes from Metallica, AC/DC & Disturbed to BTS, P!nk & Owl City. So yeah.

I'm on CS and Pokéfarm, too. If you want to know my name there, feel free to PM me.


That's all for now, have a great day & happy halloween~



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