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DUPLICATE:'Haves' and 'wants' in trading hub

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I feel like this topic has be addressed before, but I couldn't find it.


Currently, the ability to describe in the box for trades is limited to ~65 characters.  This can be a little annoying since you might have an egg with a nice lineage which you want to trade for something specific, but you can't fit your request into that box.  For example, I own two 2g alts and I like to breed them to get good eggs.  But "Have 3g even Gen, double SA kin.  Want: Any Gen and lineage low time gold or silver eastern or gold or silver western prize.  Other offers also considered." is too long.  I know the example might be a little exaggerated, but I'm sometimes stuck with choosing to tell people what I have and accepting all offers, or hoping people will open the lineage and see what I have and offfer what I want.  I don't think that removing the character limit would be helpful since you'd end up with insanely specific requests or descriptions that are a paragraph in length.  Increasing character limit could be done, but I feel like it's not the best solution since haves and wants are still stuck together. 


For me, the best solution would be to separate haves and wants boxes.  This would help with narrowing search results and such, as well as giving more room to elaborate on each separately.  I actually think that the character limit to each box should stay the same or be lowered a bit so that searches don't have massive paragraphs.  It would also eliminate the confusion and need to check for lineages if someone decided to write something like '3G prizekin' on their description without specifying what they were referring to.  


As a side note, the box already says Wants even though haves are also allowed to be stated there, which is a little nitpicky on my part, but it can be misleading and I'm not a fan of it.

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