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Hey Guys

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My name is borntobefree and I'm an adult player. In fact I'm the mother of another player on here though I don't know her username. Maybe I'll ask her what it is later. I think my book thing is also the same username.

I got into playing after my daughter would leave some site called daily dragon fix open scrolling through eggs to give views to people. I like clicking the eggs on there and seeing things hatch or age up after a few rounds of clicking. Not sure why I get such a kick out of it but I do. Probably won't collect too many eggs though. I would rather leave them in the biomes with their parents to hatch instead of stealing them. I think the first eggs I got were from the biomes, but that was because my daughter was over my shoulder showing what she thinks I'm supposed to do on the site.

The last thing she showed me was the raffle thing. I guess that's cool, but I noticed the requirements and for whatever reason the 4 eggs I got this october aren't being counted now that they have become adults. Not sure if that's a coding glitch you guys are having.

If I do collect any eggs they will probably be from the abandoned page. I don't like seeing the eggs die so I will try to help when I can.

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