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Ghost Pulse

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Have you ever wondered... 

What happens to the spirit of a dead person? the soul gets trapped in the gem blood realm and turn into the substance known as gem blood.The gem blood came in 7 colors. The mortal realm has established connections to the gem blood realm. When an orphan tried to use this technology to bring back his parents, something went horribly wrong. A pulse of energy swept though the gem blood realm, transforming the gem blood puddles into ghost-like beings, able to enter the mortal world. The ghosts dubbed "gem blood phantoms" have already made wreckage of the world we know. However, the orphan in his adult age made tech able to seal the gem blood phantoms into glass cages. It came in many different varieties.  He had figured out they cannot bypass physical matter. However, this tech might malfunction from time to time. Because the army had been wiped out, the tech called "gem sealers" were supplied to any survivors available. one recruit found a notepad entry that read the following:


Yellow phantoms have electric powers

Green phantoms can manipulate the ground

Red phantoms can control fire

Blue phantoms can freeze things easily

Cyan phantoms can create dangerous winds

Purple phantoms can manipulate minds

Pink phantoms can teleport


 ...the rest was unreadable.


With this knowledge, the resistance made their way to the cursed mansions, where the phantoms resided.


Character forms:


Human form:

DC name

character name

character gender

character age

character appearance

gem sealer variation (sword, gun, other)

starting cursed mansion (North, South, East, or West)



Phantom form:

DC name

Phantom type

Phantom Appearance

starting cursed mansion (North, South, East, or West)



no irl dating here, but characters may date

No swearing above hell

no porn

one alive/unsealed character at a time. If your character has been killed/sealed, you may make another one.

PM all forms to me

Roll the die to determine if a phantom is sealed or not. (rules found on discord server here: https://discord.gg/zNqHDzQ)

3rd person RPing only

put a sword in your form if you have read all the rules

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Pluto Swordsmith



A bald, short, and slim adult, always in ninja wear. He always wears a bandanna around his mouth



The Swordsmith family line has been around for almost forever. It seemed to be that every descendant had greater swordsmanship than the last. When the invasion started, he was alone at home as a child, because his parents had gone to battle and died. He spent most of his time training. When he was offered a chance to help stop the madness, he was skeptical. But 2 years passed, and he decided to join.

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