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I'm Lord Vilinus Draak, and I love dragons!


Anyway, I dunno. I figured since I just started using the site, the forums would be a good place to start too.

I actually was curious though.

How do dragons like, actually survive on here? From what I've seen so far, it looks pretty hard to actually get your dragons out there and to like--actually move through the life stages and stuff.

Maybe I haven't been around long enough or something, but it seems difficult.


Anyway, Hi. I'm Draak.

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Hello and welcome!


It's generally pretty easy to raise your dragons once you get the hang of it - you can use fansites to get views, and that's the hardest part. Make sure not to add your eggs into fansites too early, as they may get sick from too many views (wait a day after grabbing them at least).

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Welcome to DC forum! Nice to meet you :)


I  use AoND (one of those fansites) to hatch them. Using only one of them is enough for me.

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To clarify what Kaini said, eggs start with 7 days until they die, if they don't hatch first.  When that timer gets below 4 days, the egg can hatch.  Hatchlings, similarly, wait until they reach 4 days before growing up.


The eggs in the biomes (alpine, coast, etc), and eggs that you produce by breeding your own dragons, start out at 7 days.  If someone then abandons those eggs, they go to the AP (that's Abandoned Page), where the eggs with the lowest time are displayed first, and anyone can pick them up.


Generally, the AP's timers hover somewhere around 5 days.  After a release of new dragons, or especially a holiday, they get a lot lower, to the point where you can just pick them up and hatch them right away (but of course, people quickly burn through that supply).  Sometimes people schedule a massbreed, where everyone breeds a bunch of their dragons, and that tends to bring down AP times, also.


There's also a BSA (Breed Specific Action) that a particular kind of red dragon has (they're called just plain Reds).  It's called Incubate, and reduces the egg's timer by one day.  It's pretty useful if you want eggs to hatch quicker.


So basically, you probably don't want to put your eggs in fansites until they have less than 6 days left.  If you incubated them, because of how the computer counts the dragon's age, you should probably wait until they reach 5 days left.

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