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3 hours ago, Guillotine said:

Considering that at least one very successful pet site has completely redone all site art at least three times, I feel like most of the objections have a stronger resemblance to concern-trolling than actual concern, especially considering the constant calls to the slippery slope fallacy. You're allowed to like the old art, but considering that all recent updates save the Nilias (which were more like late dimorphism like with Horses) have has more in common with basic anatomy and shading tweaks than full revamps the ongoing pettiness towards the artists seems slightly disproportionate.


Where do you see pettiness towards the artists? I see a lot of talk about sprites, and liked or disliked sprites, and likes or dislikes of updates, I have seen no pettiness towards *artists* at all. 


I'm not totally sure what 'concern-trolling' is, but there are reasons I'm on DC and *not* other pet sites. My concern over sprite updates is very very real, because past updates have been very very disappointing. Legitimately disappointing, no trolling meant. Also, saying anything about 'all recent updates' is just your opinion. Basic anatomy and shading, if that's all you see different, that's fine. That's not how others see it. Reds, for instance, completely changed the 'storybook' feel of the sprite, and that had nothing to do with tiny anatomy fixes. 


What I'm seeing in this thread is a *lot* of posts telling people that sprites were not revamped, telling people that sprite changes were subtle or only did good things or weren't very substantial.... Putting down other people's opinions. If YOU like the sprite updates, if YOU think the changes weren't very noticeable or only did good, that's totally fine. It is also totally fine for MY experience to be different. I am not *wrong* for saying that such-and-such update was drastic or changed the feel of the sprite, it's what is true for *me*. And I should be allowed to have that opinion, not argued with at every turn because someone holds a different viewpoint. 

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I've seen a lot of people, you included, posting like the artists personally attacked them by making the update. You likely haven't noticed because you agree.


And frankly? Reds went from a total eyesore (I would not have collected Reds at all if they didn't have Incubate) to a disappointment that fit with the rest of the site. They've always been posed awfully and horrifically stiff, the change in style was likely what made you actually notice. Same with the Seasonals, although they had slightly better starting poses. Same with most of the updates that have people up in arms (remember, all the really major pose/large detail altering ones are years old at this point). It is, quite frankly, not possible to change the style to fit without some alterations, but most of the alterations are just bringing forth issues that already existed in the sprites.

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That's YOUR view of reds. Not everyone agrees. Me for one - I loved them the way they were - which does't mean the artist did a bad job, just that they changed something I loved. But for the record - there are some bread new sprites I absolutely loathe. I have never said a word about which, nor shall I. That isn't what this is about. But it is simply not true to say that every new sprite is up to some new standard and is perfect lovely. Some of them are NOT. One or two have pose and anatomy issues which are FAR more jarring than many of the old ones.


And the seasonal hatchie changes were very sad.


I have also never seen Heather take anything out on an artist for their work.Only saying she didn't like an update.She is one of the politest, most conciliatory members here.

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9 hours ago, Guillotine said:

And frankly? Reds went from a total eyesore (I would not have collected Reds at all if they didn't have Incubate) to a disappointment that fit with the rest of the site.

This is the most accurate description of Reds that I've ever seen! :lol: To me, the old red always looked less like a dragon and more like the statue of a dragon - totally stiff and rough in places. XD The new one isn't that much better on the stiffness, but I'll take every little improvement I can get.


@HeatherMarie: Disagreeing with you without a full disclaimer of "this is my opinion, only my opinion, I do not presume to speak for anyone else and do not mean to attack anybody by stating a differing opinion" isn't the same as putting down your opinion. And if your opinion is that "everything looks totally different because more muscle mass" when some of the changes are hardly noticeable at all (see Black, Seragammas, Pillows, Sunrises or Soulstones) or even go in the opposite direction (I'm looking at you, Mistletoes!) in some cases or at least don't add any muscle defintion at all (like Geodes, Electrics, Ochredrakes, Neotropicals, Papers, female Purples, female Sunsets, Water Walkers, female Marrows and Hollies) - then it's just wrong, respect or not. There are things like opinions, and there are things like facts.

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