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ANSWERED:Fixed! Please Delete

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I don't understand what's happening! I keep trying to send a certain user a message, but every time I hit send, I get a page saying "something went wrong" with an error code (that I forgot)


It's a really important matter I want to contact someone about, but I just can't send them this message! Does anyone know what's going on?


Okay sorry, I think it was because I posted an egg's BB code in the message? I don't really know why that isn't allowed or if it was even the problem but after I removed it everything went back to normal! Sorry about that

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Maybe their inbox is full? (don't know if that can happen here but it has happened on other forums)


You could try to contact them via the random scroll help and missed connections thread here (or have sb else there contanct them for you)... they will also get a little notification (the bell icon) if they are quoted in a thread or added via "@username". Maybe you can work the issue out that way. :)

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My inbox wasn't full :)


Would be interesting to know what was the reason behind the error though...

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