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Zombie Fodder Massbreed

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I think we should breed a bunch of (non-homogeneous, nicely-lineaged) dragons today (and maybe in the next couple of days) to make zombie fodder easier to get in time for Halloween and to help out anyone who is almost at the next trophy level.


Why today?  Sunday's the earliest time to breed zombie fodder that will hatch normally and still be there as tombstones on Halloween.  Tombstones last for two weeks, so if they need to be there on the 31st, the hatchlings need to die on or later than the 17th.  Hatchlings take one week to fog to death, so they need to hatch on or later than the 10th.  An egg needs three days to get to hatching age, so they should be laid on the 7th, which is Sunday.  (Incuhatching would slightly mess that up, but I'm sure we all want to save our incubates for the big event, anyway.)


To avoid AP walls, I suggest a mix of "spooky" dragons.  Halloweenkin, Candelabras, Fall Seasonals, Nocturnes, gravebreds, Howler Drakes, Mimic/Magelight Pygmies, etc.  For sheer irony, maybe some whites, soulpeaces, guardians, you get the idea.  Because they're always useful, reds and pinks.  Preferably nice lineages.  Zombies don't have to be the dragons nobody wanted before they became shambling undead.


Sorry if this is a duplicate or in the wrong place.  I've already looked everywhere I can think of.


EDIT: Obviously, this holds true for those times when "today" is Monday, Tuesday, or even next Saturday.  I think I misplaced it somewhere when I was writing this, but a being able to get ER-eggs right up 'til Halloween dragons start breeding will allow for more zombie fodder overall.  Therefore, if you find this after Sunday, nobody's stopping you from breeding your dragons then.

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Hello -- usually I ask every year in the "who bred that" massbreed thread, but thought it deserved its own topic, and one already exists, so reviving this (heh) if anyone has any interest -- we'll see.

Every year, folks looking for s1 and s2 zombie hatchies will amass a horde of hatchlings and let them all die by forcing their timers to run out by fogging them! Finding low-time eggs in the AP helps greatly with this process, but some body types are rarer than others.

I've done this a few years in a row, and from my observations, these are the rarest types in the AP that need the most attention imo:

Least Common Types

  • Pygmy Wyrm ---------------------------- Red-Tailed Wyrms, by far the hardest to find in the AP last year
  • Pygmy Eastern -------------------------- Kyanites
  • Two-Headed Eastern ------------------- Blancblacks (and also Scourgekeepers technically I think, but they're rare)
  • Two-Headed Lindwyrms -------------- Ciriax
  • Two-Headed Amphiptere -------------- Magnesium
  • Two-Headed Leviathan ---------------- Baikala

Still Pretty Uncommon but Not As Bad as Those Types

  • Pygmy Lindwyrm ---------------------- Kovos, Seawyrm
  • Pygmy Wyvern ------------------------- Coral, Mimic, Avin, Lightning
  • Two-Headed Wyrm -------------------- Temple, False-Headed Hydras

Honorable Mentions

  • Drakes
  • Pygmy Western
  • Two-Headed Western
  • Amphiptere
  • Eastern
  • Leviathan
  • Lindwyrm

And lastly...

!!New to This Year Types!!

  • Two-Headed Wyvern ---------------- Ghansers
  • Pygmy Wingless ---------------------- Furors
  • Pygmy Amphiptere ------------------ Painted Rays -- not sure someone's found a zombie for this one yet, but it's reasonable to speculate there is one/or will be one in the future


Feel free to add fun lineages, zombie-kins/tombstone lineages, or toss some Aeons for Halloween prep! Enjoy! I'll be sending a bunch of eggs today right after this, and continuously for a couple weeks.



12 Aeons
29 Two-Headed Wyrms
3 Two-Headed Lindwyrms
6 Two-Headed Leviathans
2 Two-Headed Easterns
8 Two-Headed Amphipteres
5 Two-Headed Wyverns
7 Two-Headed Westerns
6 Pygmy Lindwyrms
1 Pygmy Eastern
12 Pygmy Wyvern
2 Pygmy Wyrms
2 Pygmy Amphipteres
4 Pygmy Western
11 Pygmy Wingless
8 Drakes
4 Eastern
9 Lindwyrms

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Bred a whole bunch of Pygmy and 2-headed 2Gs to the AP!  Mostly rarer types, though my Kyanites weren't breeding well and usually threw other breeds if they gave an egg at all.  I can try for some Drakes and Lindyrms tomorrow.


Best of luck to the zombie hunters!

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I'm a bit late, but bred a bunch of my pygmies, drakes, and two-headed dragons. Hopefully it's in time for them to be used as fodder for people who catch them.

The results:

8 pygmy westerns

1 pygmy eastern
1 pygmy wyvern
1 pygmy wingless
8 pygmy amphipteres

14 two-headed westerns
3 two-headed leviathans
1 two-headed lindwyrm
5 two-headed wyrms
1 two-headed wyvern
2 two-headed amphipteres

22 drakes

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Awesome! Still plenty of time to breed, eggs bred today will be incuhatchable on the 14th, so hatchies would be cleared by the 21st-22nd depending on s2s and s1s. Halloween eggs usually start on the 25th so -- plenty of time!

Bred some more Two-Headeds, Pygmies, Leviathans, Wingless, Lindwyrms, to help out folks. I'll rebreed all the rarer Two-Headeds and Pygmies on the 15th as well. Thanks for contributing!

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