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Secret Santa

Secret Santa 2018

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They didn't give me the color I wanted so maybe someone can use this for a giftee who asked for offspring from word codes (spud and hoax)? It's okay if you keep it for yourself, too, I just want to know where it ended up.


In other news - the next batch of Vines just hatched normal...


just offer any ap egg (or a Vine... 😫)

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21 hours ago, titinian.masquarade said:

If you need a 2G prizekin, here you go! Please offer a dummy egg and first come first serves.


Still available!



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On 1/16/2019 at 8:24 AM, Carmelita Fox said:

I have a 2nd gen prizekin from upside down mint mom. Shoot me a PM if you want her :)




I also have this 2nd gen aeon I got while trying to breed metals. Feel free to take for your giftee or yourself. 

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


And a 2nd gen avatar. Same thing as above. 


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!




Bump. Any takers on the mint?

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Black Alt Raffle!


2G purebred sitting Black alt, named parents, female.

Offer a dummy on the link, and I'll use RNG to pick a winner at noon tomorrow!

Feel free to keep it for yourself or send to your giftee; no abandoning/killing.


user posted image



Also, as a note, this is for Secret Santa participants (otherwise I'd have put it on some other thread); I'll be checking the participant list on the OPs. If you're name's not there, I'm going to draw again.



And by the power of random.org, @Tinibree is our lovely winner! I guess your nervousness paid off ;D haha, I saw you switch your dummy out like three times last night before ye settled on that sunsong.


Thanks for playing everyone

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sorry, I don't like to make unnecessary posts, so I'm just editing this one

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I have an incub-hatchable Cheese egg for your giftee (and it's Z-coded!). Please offer a dummy so I know it's going for this thread!

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


(I'll check as soon as I'm able, be patient with me please, I'm up to my neck with finals ❤️)

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Anyone need a CB blue zyumorph egg for their giftee?


Pop a dummy egg in here!



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Anybody need a Green Copper for their giftee? Send a PM :)
(I'll throw for free elsewhere in an hour or two)


Edit: sent to someone ;)

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Three more failed alt lottery tickets! Now 0/4 for each -- Blacks, Dark Greens and Undines. :( 

I shall try breeding 3 more tomorrow when it will help me earn more shards. XD 


Meanwhile, anyone need a CB Gold Wyvern for their giftee? I have it up for public trade, but if someone from this thread wants it, just offer a dummy and/or send me a PM. https://dragcave.net/teleport/e11e935225eb5621ee36e9c4db8bd6d1

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