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Secret Santa

Secret Santa 2018

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If anyone would like me to try for a 2g gold from male or female cb gold let me know.

I'm looking for paper for my giftee so if anyone sees one plz pm I'd really appreciate the help.

I'll be aping or gifting a cb purple dorsal as they come off cool down so if anyone needs them let me know  (one on scroll now)


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7 hours ago, Velvet_paw said:

cb red dorsal

I have one on cooldown for another 75 minutes. Will send later.


I also have 1 CB Gemshard, 1 CB Thunder and 1 Cheese, NONE of which helped trade for that CB Aeon, not even in combination :dry:

Anyone need?


Offer a dummy on my CB Gemshard!

Offer a dummy on my CB Thunder!

Offer a dummy on my Cheese!

Offer a dummy on my 3rd gen checker! - Purple/tan Ridgewing, father is of Thuwed origin

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On 1/7/2019 at 9:31 AM, Rosastrasza said:

Have 3G stairstep Silver Shimmer from Hollies if someone needs it for their giftee.

Offer a dummy!


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Hiya - I can do some 4G SAs (the Gen III are sorted underneath "Here Be Gen III"); also my male Golds and male Silvers are available (though I can't promise they'll give me an egglet), if anyone needs help - just drop me a message and I'll do my best to answer quickly.

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Hi! I have both a CB Seasonal Winter and a CB Thalassa on cooldown. If anyone needs one for their giftee, PM me and I'll send it your way when the CD comes off!



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6 hours ago, Wiz said:

For anyone who needs for their giftee:

Incuhatchable 3G Bronze Tinsel.

4G step from spriters alt Mutamore.

Please offer a dummy. If I get more than one offer before I check back I will take the first.

Please no keeping or trading (I am quite happy to take requests if you would like one for yourself). 



Still available! Also now have these 3G EGs with all cool code grandparents. Same deal. I will keep them for up to 24 hours then it's off to the AP. :D

Codes are a bit rude.

Name code grandparents.

A night in.

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Just sent the first round of presents to my giftee and the second round is in the works. 😁 

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8 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

Still there, though I'll go sleep now so I can only accept tomorrow.

Also on cooldown: another CB Thunder and a Cheese. I don't know why these keep coming to me instead of a Mageia (the only reason for me to go to the Desert)

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Does anyone need a 2G Prizekin for their giftee? I would prefer that it go to a gifter without a CB Prize. Just offer any dummy egg! First offer gets it.


Winter_egg.png 2G Winter from female Silver Tinsel


(P.S. I'm also hoping to gift away the rest of the 2G fails produced by my Tinsel during the event. My only condition is that they go to your giftee. Breeds available: Gaia, Terrae, Gold Lunar Herald. 1 egg per person for now. PM me or ping me here if interested!)

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Z'Coded CB Ash ready to Incuhatch - Also has another Z in code too, just not at very beginning double. Please gift to your giftee or trade for something you can gift to your giftee: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


2 2G PB Red Dragons, Bred by @Lagie , I fished them out of AP, ready to Incuhatch, you could influence this pair Male and Female and send your Giftee 2 Reds they can breed together! Please give to your giftee and/or trade for something to give to your giftee (reds always popular, especially as hatchlings, especially as matching mating sets), but get your own darn reds if you need more, that is your job, this is us being Elves to help you be a Glorious Santa! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


CB Blue Lunar Herald Ready to Incuhatch, For your Giftee or to Trade for something else for your giftee, since these are always popular: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


**UPDATE: If you are having trouble with any particular things, feel free to check out that Helper list, and the breeding offers/options of people posting stuff to this Thread - Just because we aren't posting exactly what you want in these (some of us are randomly grabbing and guessing and tossing and trying again), we probably have lists that have exactly what you want. We listed as Helpers because we would like you to PM us. I promise, take a look, although I know some things you are going to have more trouble finding. Again, I am happy to breed things for you to Trade if they will help you get other things for which you can give your giftee. That is ok with me, and a lot of people have even better offers, check it out!!**

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Hello everyone!! I hope everything is going good!! I'd like to say I'm willing to help the mods with anonymous gifting!! So, you may pm me if you'd like to anonymously gift, just let me know who to give the gift to and I'll let them know it's from their anonymous gifter!! 😊

Also, I'm still a helper willing to help! Just pm me as well if you need it!! :)

I have a 3rd gen gold tinselkin still that's a quite low time egg so I can hatch it if anyone may need! Have a great day/night everyone and good luck!! 😊🙂

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