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Secret Santa

Secret Santa 2018

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Just now, LchTessMnstr said:

snagged the shim, thanks!


Enjoy, LchTessMnstr! Also, your new wishlist looks great, it will be added during the next update :)


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@Secret Santa got it, to ease wishlist change, I'll add italics to wishlist :)

Also, I reread the rules regarding CB and non-CB, so I'm adding CB to my wishlists just to make sure :v


I Want to Change My Wishlist!

Forum Name: BlueLatios

Scroll Name: BlueLatios

Group Name: Secret Santa - 2018! (Added a cute bonus on the group if anyone was checking :3 )


1. CB 5-letter dictionary word codes, CB all numbers, or a 2G Spriter's Alt.

2. 3G checker from 2 or more Spriter's Alts.

3. 2G Prizekin

4. A personal 2G from a Guardian of Nature paired with any mate, any gender (doesn't have to be an Avatar) ^_^

5. Any cool-looking CB codes that start with Z :v

6. 3G Male Hellfire from a checkered Hellfire Wyvern X Ember Dragon lineage. Or a 3G miscolored Green or Purple Nebula. (Example of a Nebula miscolor here.)

7. I am hard to impress, feel free to try and surprise me ;)

Breeding abilities: Scroll is mostly CB, only have a few pairings and checkers that look good. I don't breed often, but I can breed a variety of non-checker lineages (e.g. a Checker paired with another Checker, etc). Thanks to spriters' kindness, I am now able to breed a 3G Spriter's Alt :D

Catching abilities: Anything that is not Gold or Silver is worth trying! Can hunt for codes when bored, too :3

Trading abilities: Not so great. (I usually undervalue the stuff I have, so I don't know what their actual worth is)

Teleport abilities: I finally have enough Magis now.

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I Want to Change My Wishlist!

Sorry to do this again, but I found some more typos that might cause confusion.
All corrections are to Slot 2 & 4, I also made them in bold red.
Again, I do apologize.


Forum Name: Pheonixxfoxx

Scroll Name: Pheonixxfoxx

Group Name: Phe's Secret Santa 2018


1. 2G from Spriter's Alt (really want a 2G Blue Omen or 2G Black Arcana), CB Gold egg w/ time to influence or male hatchling, Neglected, Special code - name code - I'm looking for some form of PICJR (doesn't have to be all caps). These are my late Grandfather's initials. 

2. 3G from Spriter's Alt (really want a 3G Blue Omen or 3G Black Arcana).

3. Chicken, CB Xenowyrm, CB Aeon.

4. 4G from Spriter's Alt (really want a 4G Blue Omen or 4G Black Arcana).

5. CB BSA (Red, Pink & Purple), 2G from Holly, Soulpeace.

6. Omen Checkers.

7. Bred BSA Red, Pink & Purple.

Breeding abilities: I have a breeding pair of CB Silvers and I also have a F CB Gold and am willing to mate her with commons/uncommons/holidays/rares. I can make 3G Prizes, as long as the giftee likes Omens and Arkana, plus 4G Prizes too. I can attempt purebred 2g Alt Black Dragons and a 3g Alt Black from 2g Alt Black parents. As for SAkin, I can make 3G (as long as they like Omens and Caligene) plus 4G as well as 5G. Oh and I do have a couple original release Oct 2008 Vampires but they often fail at biting most of the time.

Catching abilities: I seem to be good at catching Fire Gems, Florets, BSAs, Golden Wyverns and Tsunamis. I do occasionally catch Xenos, Zyus, Dinos, Papers and Cheeses. Very rarely I have caught Coppers.

Trading abilities: Seems I only do well with this during the holidays, LOL!!

Teleport abilities: No thanks, I've got plenty.

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: Xasora: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/25694-xasora/

Scroll Name: Xasora: https://dragcave.net/user/Xasora

Group Name: Xasora's Secret Santa 2018: https://dragcave.net/group/76624


1. Neglected, CB gold

2. Alt black or alt undine

3. chicken

4. 2g Risensong, 2g setsong

5. 2g carina, 2g storm-rider

6. anything from a cool lineage (spiral or stairstep is okay) that I can continue

7. script dragons


Breeding abilities: I have some CB silvers and coppers and can try for 2g metals. I also have three Avatars and can breed those. I just received a CB prize (eastern silver) that I can *try* to breed.

Catching abilities: I have only been able to catch one CB silver in 10 years, so I am not very reliable at metals. I'm decent at trios and other in-cave dragons.

Trading abilities: I have a variety of CB dragons, including recent CB hollies that I can use as trade fodder.

Teleport abilities: No, but I can provide some to others as needed! :)

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: Seahorse

Scroll Name: luckyburdock

Group Name: Seahorse's Secret Santa 2018


1. 2G from Spriter's Alt or Neglected or 2nd Gen Prize or 2G Prizekin (looking for: 2G Red Copper from Male Silver Tinsel or  2G Chrono Xenowyrm from Male Bronze Shimmer)

2. 3G checker from Spriter's Alt or 3G Thuwed

3. 2G Prizekin or CB Xenowyrm or CB Aeon

4. CB Tan Ridgewing or any 4G Metal from my wishlist

5. Anything from my wishlist!

6. Any lineaged egg from my wishlist. I have lots of 2Gs, 3G and 4G checkers that I'm looking for!

7. Tidyl ineage Aeons, any even-gen/CB eggs or hatchlings.  I LOVE pretty checkers!


Breeding abilities:

My checkers/pretty lineages are listed here: Lineages.

I cab breed quite a few gold/silver 3G checkers.

I can breed a few Spriter's Alt lineages & Checkers: Only 3G or 4G though.  I have 1 2G from a SA, but can't produce a nice checker with them.

I have one CB Gold and Silver of each gender - so I'm covered on the 2G Metal front.

I can breed a few 3G Prize Checkers, along with lots of 4G Stairs/Checkers.

I have all the CB holidays (No female Holly) . I have CBs of almost every dragon.

No CB Prize - I have a few 2G Prizes though.


Catching abilities:  I can catch zyumorphs sometimes, and can get trios. I fail miserably at getting shinies - only caught 1 in 7 years! I can probably catch commons/uncommons easily enough :) I prefer AP hunting to cave hunting though.


Trading abilities:  Not the best at trading, I don't have things that are too valuble to trade, but I'll try my best!  I did quite well in last years Secret Santa, I managed to get something from every tier of my person's wishlist!


Teleport abilities: All good on the magi front!

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: Kovia

Scroll Name: Kovia

Group Name: Kovia's Secret Santa 2018


1. Neglected (any lineage/gender)

2. 2G from Metal as mate for this or this.

3. Paper

4. CB Red Dorsal

5. 2G Soulpeace or Storm-Rider.

6. Clean-lineaged Daydream or Electric

7. CB Daydream or Electric or Black Truffle

Breeding abilities: 3G Thuwed from this male Pygmy or this female Striped River. 5G PB Thuwed from these two. 2G from Silver (either gender). 2G from almost any holiday (including male Holly). 2G from code parents from this group. 2G from GoN (either gender) or Sinomorph (only males). 2G from male inverted Mint. 4G Bronze Shimmer from this guy. 3G from SAs from these two. 3G from Prizes from these two.

(Reminder that I cannot guarantee any of the above will actually produce an egg.)

Catching abilities: Maybe some commons, my laptop has been laggy lately so can't promise any rares.

Trading abilities: Unreliable, sorry.

Teleport abilities: I have plenty of Magis.

Edited by Kovia

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Have 3G Undine from SA Caligene HERE - just offer a dummy and I'll let Siri choose sb in about an hour. ^_^ Congrats to the new owner!

Edited by Soulsborne

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@BlueLatios @KaiRen_Everlife @Kurokosworth @Spootedleaf 


magi hatchling! - gone!

magi hatchling!


They're influenced to continue their lineage. First dibs to those above, since they mentioned not having enough teleports, but if I don't see a dummy egg from them, I'll give 'em away to other people :)


@Spootedleaf - do you want your hatchling back? Ok :)

Edited by Toyo

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5 minutes ago, Toyo said:

@BlueLatios @KaiRen_Everlife @Kurokosworth @Spootedleaf 


magi hatchling! - gone!

magi hatchling!


They're influenced to continue their lineage. First dibs to those above, since they mentioned not having enough teleports, but if I don't see a dummy egg from them, I'll give 'em away to other people :)


@Spootedleaf - do you want your hatchling back?

no, it's fine

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: Artius

Scroll Name: iznasha87

Group Name: Artius's Secret Santa 2018


  1. 2nd gen Prize / 2G from Spriter's Alt / 2G from Female Holly
  2. 3G from Spriter's alts (Witchlight or Cavern Lurker, Floral Crowned are awesome)
  3. Any 2G prizekin / CB Xenos
  4. Any CB Zyumorph
  5. CB BSA (Red, Pink, Purple) hatchlings or 2G Setsong/Risensong
  6.  Any pretty checker lineages you are proud of, surprise me.
  7. CB Spinel / Khusa / Deep Sea hatchling

Breeding abilities: Have several CB metals / 2G prizes / 2G spriter's Alts / 2G Thuweds, but still don't have some past CB christmas dragons including Hollies. Also can try to breed something from.. silver tin ;)

Catching abilities: Can catch almost everything if I have enough time to stalk the cave, I'm a good catcher. 

Trading abilities: Can get most things.. I guess? Not sure about NDs(I can't make them) or 2Gs from Spriter's alt, occasionally get them though.

Teleport abilities: Have plenty of Magis 

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@Toyo I'm good so far, been getting a few, so have enough now :D

Also, if I offer to take it, I probably wouldn't continue it or breed it randomly with another 2G; let others take :v

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On 10/7/2018 at 10:01 AM, Secret Santa said:

I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: Forum Profile

Scroll Name: Scroll
Group Name: Justie's Secret Santa 2018


1. CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected, 2G Prize (not with a Holiday mate please), 2G Prizekin (No holidays), 2G from Spriter's Alt, 2G from female Holly

2. CB Copper, 3g from Spriter's Alt, 3g Thuwed, Alt Black, Alt Vine, Alt Undine. 

3. CB Blusang, CB Aeon, Chicken, Dino, Paper, Cheese, 2G Prizekin

4. CB Tan Ridgewing, CB Red Dorsal, 2G Avatar

5. CB Lunar Herald, CB Fire Gem, CB BSA dragon (not Magi, Vampire, Aeon), 2G Hybrid

6. Any breeds bred in 3G Arrows, like this, or PsArrows, like this. In these lineages, pleasant visuals are the important part. Very subjective, I know. sorry.

7. bred BSA dragon

Breeding abilities: I breed a few 3gen Prizes, 3gen Spriter's Alts and 3gen Metals, including higher gens for PB metals. I can breed almost anything except some really rare (Holly) or long lineages. I tend to steer clear of any breeds that change colour randomly, like Gemshards. I quite like breeding those colour-changing breeds that require you to "get it right".

Catching abilities: On a good day, I can catch the occasional rare (xenos, zyus, maybe a unbreedable...). On a regular basis, I would have to say I am not able to catch these reliably. Forget me and metals - I can rely on NOT catching them. lol. Fire Gems, Gemshards, Celestials, BSAs except Aeon, and anything more common. Those I am good at.

Trading abilities: I am best at trading those dragons I can breed. I do most of my trading around those 3 categories I breed 3gen Prizes, Altkin and Metals. I am also good at making multiple catches of CBs from a mix of Cave and Abandoned area catches. 

Teleport abilities: No assistance needed.


Edited by Justie
updated link

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I Want to Change My Wishlist!

Forum Name: Aie

Scroll Name: Aie

Group Name: Aie's Secret Santa 2018


1. 2G from Spriter's Alt, male Neglected (or female/ungendered Neglected for freezing), CB Gold

2. 3G from Spriter's Alt (EG lineage with matching colours)

3. Paper

4. Aeon with a pretty lineage

5. CB Z-coded 'Hogwarts House' dragon (Lacula, Leodon, Melismor, Razorcrest)

6. Surprise me with a lineage you think is pretty!

7. CB Z-coded Purple Nebula

Breeding abilities: There are CBs of Silvers, Golds and all past Holiday dragons on my scroll (although my Golds rarely give any 2nd gens), as well as many pretty checkers to be bred, including Holiday, Metallic and (un)common. I can breed plenty of 4G SA lineages and some 3Gs (no checkers, though). I can also breed 4G+ stair prizes.

Catching abilities: No luck with Metals. Can grab other rares & unbreedables, and I'm quite patient with code stalking as well.

Trading abilities: Not spectacular, but I can usually trade for 3G Prizes and 3Gs from SAs.
Teleport abilities: Plenty of Magis on my scroll as it is.


(Changed things in slot 1 a bit; no other changes.)

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I Want to Sign Up!

Forum Name: Dark_Angel12345

Scroll Name: Dark_Angel12345

Group Name: Group


1. 2G from Spriter's Alt, 2G Prize, CB Gold

2. 3G from Spriter's Alt, 3G Prize

3. 2G Prizekin 

4. CB Zyumorph

5. CB Fire Gem

6. Any pretty checkers

7. Any CB of late 2017 or 2018.

Breeding abilities: I have several CB holidays, CB metals, (metal) checkers and higher gen Spriter's Alts kins

Catching abilities: I used to be able to catch trios, sometimes coppers too but I haven't been here for almost a year now... 

Trading abilities: Don't have anything special to trade but might get lucky sometimes.

Teleport abilities: I have a whole army of them and can help others with it. 😄

Edited by Dark_Angel12345

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I Want to Change My Wishlist!

Forum Name: relaks

Scroll Name: relaks

Group Name: Relaks' Secret Santa 2018


1. CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected, 2g Prize, 2g from SA

2. CB Copper, 2G Metal 

3. CB Blusang, CB Aeon, CB Xeno (Chrono and Mageia prefered), CB Magma, CB Thunder, Chicken, 2g Prizekin

4. CB Zyu (yellow/grey prefered), CB Blue Baikala 

5. CB Green Fire Gem, CB Kingcrowne, CB Lumina. 2G from any Holiday (with pretty mate of your choice, commons prefered), except: Omen, Pumpkin, Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magis, Holly.

6. 2G from M Falconiform * F Moonstone; any non-Aether 2g from one Aether parent;

7.  Any perfect even checker or interesting lineages, no matter the breeds ! 


Breeding abilities: I don't have much in terms of lineages I can breed yet, but I'll list what I have. I can breed/make:

- Prizes --> all staircases: 3g Silver tinsel; 4g Gold Shimmers (1 from common mate, 1 from Desipis), 4G Silver Shimmer, 5G Bronze Shimmer, 5G Gold Tinsel, 6G Gold Tinsel

- 2G Gold (from female gold); 2G Silver (from male silver)

- 4G Thuwed (staircase)

- 2G PBs of most commons; 3G to 6G checkers from common breeds

- Holiday lineages: can do quite a few 3G checkers, a couple of 4G. 

- 2G Hybrids

Catching abilities: I've been able to catch Zyus and Xenos, with luck some Blusangs, in terms of rares/uncommons. Never a CB metallic. I won't be able to hunt as much as usual on January, so I cannot promise any uncommon CB's, sorry.

Trading abilities: Not great at trading, not that I trade a lot.

Teleport abilities: I'm set!

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I just realized my n. 7 slot didn't make sense :P 


I Want to Change My Wishlist!

Forum Name: OrcaFreak

Scroll Name: OrcaFreak

Group Name: OrcaFreak's Secret Santa 2018


1. CB gold, silver or neglected, 2nd gen Shimmer from non-holiday mate

2. CB green copper, 2nd gen PB alt black, vine or undine, 2nd gen Silver from Solstice Dragon (rosy-winged), 2nd gen gold from Radiant Angel (nicely named parents, please)

3. CB yellow or pink Zyumorph

4. CB vampire bitten by original 2008 incave halloween vampire

5. 2nd gen eastern Zyu from Garland x eastern Zyu, 2nd gen amphiptere Zyu from Garland x amphiptere Zyu (nicely named parents, please)

6. 2nd gen Dusk Pygmy from male Nilia x female Crimson Flare, 2nd gen Storm-Rider from male Electric x female Waverunner (nicely named parents, please)

7. 2nd gen PB non-white Striped (nicely named parents, please)

Breeding abilities: All my dragons are in a monogamous relationship (extended lists) and are willing to help out were they can. I own caveborns of every holiday dragon released so far, one 2nd gen prize who breeds a nice 3rd gen checker if he's in the mood, and some stubborn caveborn golds and silvers, you never know they will cooperate when it comes to helping out Santa with some nice shiny eggs

Catching abilities: The rarest things I usually manage to catch are trios and unbreedables, if I'm very lucky I manage a xeno or zyu. I don't really have the time to stalk the cave, so that's probably why I don't manage the more rare ones ;) 

Trading abilities: Since I'm not such a good catcher, I usually don't really have anything to trade for something with a higher value, but I manage and sometimes get lucky ;)

Teleport abilities: I should have enough Magi's available

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