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Breeding Based Off Of Breed Description

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Wasn't sure what to title this as, hopefully that works. 


So, lots of people create amazing lineages based off of color coordination and aesthetically pleasing combinations.

But does anyone breed things based off of the breed descriptions? If you do, what's your favorite dragon pairing and why?


My favorite pairing has to be Cassare and Turpentine. I read that Turpentines rarely use magic or have patience to use magic, and since Cassares have their antimagic aura, the two could get along.
I also think it's cool that Hooktalon Dragons were made for Gilded Bloodscale Dragons, according to the spriter. 

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Yeah I do that. :D  I can't even say which pairing I like best, sometimes I don't even like how they look together but I've often caught myself thinking "I should breed X with Y, they're both nocturnal/curious/fast flyers/live underwater" etc.


A lineage I like is this one where I paired female Freckles with red Gemshards and male Freckles with green ones, because of the description. Or this one, pairing two breeds who both eat rocks. Guardian x White work well too, both keep you from harm, one preemptively and one curatively.

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I did a few Lovely Commons of that sort.

These three have a thing with lights: https://dragcave.net/lineage/21a5B

Granted, this is more based off of their breed names than their descriptions, the Guardian protecting the Royals: https://dragcave.net/lineage/YkgUT

And this is actually an impossible combination, as they have different activity times: https://dragcave.net/lineage/YvZI5


And this Desipis/Mageia combo makes you wonder who will win: the magic-absorbing mind-boggling Desipis or the strong-willed, magic-adept and wise Mageia:



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I was thinking about making a Royal Blue x Blue Nebula lineage, because they both love nights and stargazing.

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