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Hello hello!

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Hi there! 


My name's Chase. 


Dragcave was my first petsite years and years farther back than I now care to remember, and I've lost access to my original account. I'm not upset about it, though! Starting over new seems like a lot of fun to me, since all kinds of new things seem to have been added since I left. I hardly recognized the place! There are different zones in the cave now? Neat! I remember some things but that's all quite likely outdated by now huh? 


Looking forward to getting back into things around here and seeing how much has changed and what hasn't. 


Cheers, and see you around!

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Hello and welcome (back) ! Things have changed quite a bit, yea! I remember when we had just one cave, haha.

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Welcome back to DC! Hope you enjoy!


I joined five years ago and yes, there were a lot of changes since then XD  

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