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hello there! i... i think i'm new to the forums, since i had no existing login or any record of my existence here dsfsdgk

workable nicknames are koishi n pikachu!! she/her is good but they/them is a bit better


technically i started dragon cave last year but... i'm gonna be real... i'm so lost. i got no idea what people like in these parts. for some reason breeding certain colors of dragons makes their babies terrible even though the sprite's exactly the same??? all i know how to do is adopt orphan eggs *sob* i am very excited for halloween 2 tho *-*


anyway i'm basically a dragon and thus i'm just here to hoard dragons in an endless recursion of Dragon Hoard, tysm-- nice to meet'ch'all!! feel free to pick on me a little, i don't bite 'w'

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Hello there, Koishi. Welcome to the forums. If you have any questions, my inbox is always open. I hope you enjoy your time here. :)

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Hello, welcome to the forums!


Some people are very into 'pretty' lineages, so while the dragon's sprite is the same some people won't want it if it has a long or 'messy' lineage. Some people also prefer certain combinations for lineages, like certain color schemes or certain dragon ancestors. (I think a lot of older players get bored with simply collecting, or they've collected all they wanted, so they turn to lineages as an extra thing to do in the game.) Not everyone cares about that stuff though. There are a lot of different 'playstyles', different ways of playing the game.

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