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Add remaining dragons found in the cave to the market

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I know they are - what I was pointing out was this:


5 hours ago, Shadowdrake said:

Please at least put sunrises/sets in. They're one of the few dragons where getting them at a specific time is actually useful, and if you're concerned about the confusion when someone gets one thing and ends up with something else on the label, well, we already have ridgewings and dorsals for that lovely market confusion, don't we.


Suns can be caught ANY old time. Maybe it helps a bit to catch them at a particular time, but it's not a huge issue of confusion.

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Posted (edited)

tj's just... bad at communicating with his playerbase imo. this should have been implemented such a long time ago (i always need more suns and zyus!) and it's really a wonder why this HASNT been added, or honsetly i should be saying FIXED yet.


ALSO, for me personally, id want to get a sun egg outside of its hatching window, to use for neglecting. its a hassle to catch caveborns outside of the window because youre at the mercy of lady luck. that's what i'd use this mechanic for.

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Support-- the Market is there to supplement what you catch in the Cave/AP, and if it doesn't have the full repertoire, then what's the point? Especially Zyus, since those are rarer and people usually use the Market to buy rarer dragons they can't get ahold of in the Cave.

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