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Finally made an account!

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I’ve been on the site for forever! Okay.... maybe not since the beginning but still a while. 

Oldest dragon stolen August 27th..... TEN YEARS AGO! I feel so old. 

Then going on and off through the years and making a point to actively raise the hatchlings recently. 

I’d look around the forums every now and then, but otherwise never got around to making an account.

So now I figure I’ll have an account if I ever need to post and figure out how these raffles work? 0_o;;;

I like maxing my egg limit and then flooding the Abandoned Page with Pure Bred eggs every now and then. 

Or with hybrids (if they don’t fail).

Hrmm.... otherwise Im currently working on a degree in sculpture and catching up on filling my scroll for the encyclopedia and market unlocks.



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Hello and welcome (finally) to the forums! :D A degree in sculpture sounds fun, I got mine in animation and kinda wish I'd gone a more traditional route.

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Welcome to forum! XD


Raffle requirements had been varied since this month. For this month, you have to grow three wyrms (e.g. Xenowyrms)

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@Kaini: I wish my college offered animation courses so I could ply my hand at it. I’ve always been curious, otherwise I’d say the nice part of sculpture is that my instructor is super helpful when I have questions and yet super intimidating because here is a thing you can totally do because I have faith in you. -internally has a meltdown because pressure of expectations, immediately arranges schedule to give more studio time, socializing means what again ahahaha... oh crap I still have drawings to do! Ahhhhhhhh-


Otherwise you can find a lot of stuff on youtube and have fun experimenting. Welding is super fun and it’s super awesome knowing I helped influence the assignment he gave the Sculpture 1 students. I make critter frames in steel rod and then end up covering them in sheet steel so he made the assignment for them to be making steel rod animals and I’m just watching them all form like *w*


The only troublesome aspect is looking into a Graduate school. Everything is about “contemporary” and abstraction.


@sh20000sh: Ahaha. I messaged this already but thank you again for helping me finally understand it wanted me to grow Xenowyrms. I was just staring at the screen wondering how I was suppose to grow one-third of an adult wyrm since I’d already raised one already without realizing Wyrm meant Xeno. Just kinda staring wondering if it wanted me to freeze stage one hatchlings but it says adult so it can’t be a hatchling and.... I was just so confused.


@Vict @StormBirdRising: Thank you~

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