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A few Questions

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Questions 1

Why are certain dragons not available in the market?


Question 2

Is a Shallow Water Dragon a Hybrid?


Question 3 

What is an Avatars of Change?


Question 4

Does the linage of a dragon affect what the dragon could produce as an offspring?


Example of Question 4: Speckle Throated Dragon breeds with a Frostbite Dragon. Frostbite Dragon has a Speckled Throated Dragon and a Frostbite Dragon as parents and Speckle Throated Dragon is a CB Dragon. Would the chances of a Speckled Throated Egg be higher than a Frostbite Egg or would it still be 50/50 for each egg?


Question 5

Are eggs bought from market considered CB?


Hi I am still kind of new here and I had a few questions. Yes, I have read the pinned post "Frequently Asked Questions" but I did not find the answer to any of these questions within that post. So I decided to ask them here, to hopefully get some answers.


Side Note: I hope this is the correct forum



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1 - Because TJ decided against putting certain breeds (like Prizes) there and others are only available during certain holidays (no one knows if they will be in the market then)

2 -  Yes

3 - A Hybrid from a GoN (Guardian of Nature) and other breeds associated with change Elements (for example Magi dragons)

4 - Nope

5 - Yes but with 'cave' instead of a regular biome

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That is what th

1 minute ago, Herk said:

5 - Yes but with 'cave' instead of a regular biome

Actually I believe their location is listed as market, not cave. But they are still considered CB for lineage purposes.


@Celestial_W you might want to consider asking for a mentor here, if you continue to have a lot of questions. That will give you one person you can go to for help whenever you need it. :) 



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22 minutes ago, Celestial_W said:

Are eggs bought from market considered CB?

CB is everything without parents in the lineage view, e.g. this:


and this:


are both CB. One of them has been found in the cave, the other one is bought from the Market, but you only see the difference on their view page, not on the lineage page.


That's what I get for letting colleagues distract me XD

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The above page explains how to get the different Avatar dragons :) the summary is that every dragon has a certain 'element', and if you breed a Guardian of Nature with certain dragons, you can get certain Avatars (you can also simply get the not-GoN breed as offspring) 


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