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Help! Help! My trading is blocked forever.

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I used Google translator to translate that rule into Korean, then used a new history-free window to back traslate to English and here's what I got:

" When making public transactions, your message should apply to many people who use a trade center as well as to a specific person "

which basically flips the meaning upsidedown. This rule is not formulated in a simple way, not to a non-native who doesn't have enough of the language profficiency to understand certain structires on their own, and translators tend to fail especially at such. It should say that putting usernames into the text box is forbidden or some other straightforward way, with as simple grammar as possible. Plus always explaim the (temp&perma) ban reason in another wording.

I don't understand why TJ is so desperately avoiding formulating a set of clear and straightforward rules, updating details as new problems occur... We need something like a short version of the rules and an expanded, in-depth version linked from that to clarify the simplified version.
Transparency TJ, transparency.

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Thus why I've avoided the Hub since this rule mess began, mostly. TJ says he's given us all the bannable things, yet we find more and more everyday. Make a bulleted list, then at least everyone has the option RIGHT THERE WHEN MAKING THE TRADE to read and understand it. If they don't, then you can safely say "the rules were there, you broke them" instead of "rules are on the forum, permabanned, RIP you".


Nice to see that people are FINALLY getting why the rules, even updated, are still unclear. All it took was one foreign user getting permabanned. *golf clapping*


But knowing this place, nothing will change. The dude will remain permabanned. The rules will stay unclear. In a week, all of this will be forgotten or denied to have ever occurred.

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Transparency is your friend, get it?

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TJ updated the rules as he saw fit, I'd have expanded on it, but I am not the site coder. There is not much we can do here, other than pummel that poor deceased equine to pulp.


TJ attempted to re-word the warning on the text box to amke it clearer. Google translate failed, this is not a failing of TJ, regardless of how anyone wishes point it.


It is an English speaking site, with English only pages. Even IRC, you are asked to keep it to English only.  It is unreasonable, and unrealistic to expect TJ to have to run the site through any translation matrix in effort to get it to cross all possible barriers.


I give Kudos to any person who leaps in and attempts to play the game, in a language that is alien to them. They have moxie, I'll put in a word for them regarding the language issue, but thats all I can do.


Writing out the rules in here is not going to help, it didn't help the last time.

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1 minute ago, Starscream said:

It is unreasonable, and unrealistic to expect TJ to have to run the site through any translation matrix in effort to get it to cross all possible barriers.


Using clear and simple English on instruction pages is a thing all webmasters strive to do in order to make their sites accessible to the maximum number of users, Starscream. Including users with limited English skills, users who speak fluent English but have a really different cultural context (i.e. users from India), users who are children or have below a high school education, users with learning disabilities, etc.


Using well-known best practices to state the site rules clearly would save him and other administrators time in the long run.



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Mods are looking into this specific issue.


At this point, most of this discussion belongs in the Trading Hub Feedback topic.


I am going to close this until @TJ09 can weigh in.

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